Trends That Shrink The World, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist with an eye for trends emerging in the market. Of note and as early as 2010, he donated half a million dollars to SENS, a research organization in anti-aging and rejuvenation biotechnology. With the hope of ensuring the well being of humankind by uncovering ways, we can live longer and healthier lives. A graduate of Arizona State University, Hope has a background in finance and a Masters in Business and Administration. So it goes without saying that he’s a man with a wide-eyed view of the world and the background to support his thinking.

Throughout technology, Jason Hope is interested in helping those with great idea bring them to life. He asserts that most of the time, innovation is locked away because most lack the funds or the support to find success. As a community man, Hope remains vigilant for new chances to help someone realize their dreams and potential. One of the reasons we got behind an organization like SENS, in addition to the face that they each share similar goals.

One piece of technology Jason Hope is captivated with is the Internet of Things. This phenomenon in the tech industry goes far beyond pocket-sized gadgets and gizmos, but anything connected to the internet. These devices could include sensors, beacons, robots, cars, entire homes, anything. With fast 5G networking on its way to market, the possibilities are virtually endless.

For example, Jason Hope points out how airlines are taking advantage of the tend. Outfitting engines on their airliners with sensors and beckons that inform land-crew of a crafts maintenance needs. Before the plane has a chance to land, they are ready with the exact part needing to be replaced. Better yet, sensors all around aircraft allow for more real-time data to be available to crew in the air and on the ground. Things thought impossible only a few years ago. The same thing can be said with cars currently being out on the road with devices like Automatic, or built in by car makers.

It’s amazing the ideas Jason Hope has, and the birds-eye view he takes in when making donations, investments or otherwise just staying ahead of the curve. Over the years the world has continued to shrink, and if trends have it, it will only continue to get smaller as time passes. We may even have a better idea I’m the next two years or so.

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