Paul Mampilly impact in the world of finance

Paul Mampilly has shown the world the power of investing. After he graduated from Montclair University he became a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust Company. He was able to make massive in packs or Bankers Trust Company by increasing their financial portfolio to 25 billion dollars.

After all of this success, Paul started to find himself becoming exhausted on Wall Street. The demands of the job started to exhaust him and he started to look for the other ways to live his life.

He found himself spending more time with his family and found a new calling to help everyday Americans with their finances. This new passion of his, ignited a new flame in him to send out newsletters every week, that could help everyday people.

He has been quoted on many different news sites such as NBC and CNN; all of them wanting is tips and tricks on how to invest their money. was smart enough to interview him and ask him some important questions.

One of the questions that Paul Mampilly was asked during his interview with was what makes him an authority figure in the world of finance and investing. He told the interviewer, Eric dye, “one of the main components that makes him authority figure in the world a financing investing is his ability to make money for big companies and individuals alike over the past 7 years” When asked about his favorite IPO in recent years you mentioned that Spotify was his favorite one. Paul Mampilly said,” that one of the great things about Spotify was that they didn’t have a lot of the potential downfalls that other companies had when raising money”.

Today Paul Mampilly newsletter has reached over 60,000 subscribers. he has been able to show everyday Americans ways to invest their money without taking a big risk.