What makes OSI Group Successful?

OSI Group is a company known for its production and selling of quality protein products around the world. It changed its name in 2004 from OSI Industries to OSI Group, and it has since operated under this name. OSI Group has grown from a humble beginning whereby it was selling meat products to residents but it has since expanded to become an international leader in the food processing business. The primary role of the company is to supply quality products to retailers around the world. Today it covers over 17 countries. It has dramatically expanded in China where it has many processing plants. The company started a century ago, but it has been operating in China for over twenty years.

Eight processing plants in China are operational, and others are being constructed because China has great potential for growth. In China, OSI Company serves several clients like Starbucks, Yum and McDonald’s among others. The CEO of the company believes there is an excellent potential for growth in China since people are interested in the services they get from the company. OSI Industries ensures the engagement of manufactures for production of saving equipment for use in food processing. The headquarters for the company is situated in Illinois, and the chairperson of the company is Sheldon Lavin who has been successfully serving the company. He has been in the food business for many years, and that has enabled him to acquire a lot of experience.

OSI Company expanded to the UK when it bought a company known as Calder Foods which is specialized in offering various food products.Forbes has recognized OSI Company as one of the largest private businesses in America. The company is a multi-billion dollar company which offers some of the best food products on the planet. They have production facilities located in Europe and Asia. OSI Group got interested in a warehouse for food production located in Chicago and purchased it. Tysons Foods previously owned it. The main aim is to ensure continued support for the company to grow their business. With the expansion to more than 17 countries, OSI Group is heading in the right direction.