The achievements and Success of Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is extensively known for being among the prominent industrial pioneers. It is worth acknowledging the fact that legacy and the status of the firm started way back in 1939. It could be for this reason that it is currently the one that is adored the most. At the time, Adam Goettl together with Gust made a refrigerated AC together with the initial evaporative cooler. It all happened within the locality of the Phoenix area. The development was aimed at dealing with the desert temperatures that are unfriendly. Beginning from that time, the firm has entered the category of the companies who names are widely recognized and respected. The appreciation of the company is worthy because of its consistency over time. In a report by GlassDoor, this is featured by a lot of technological advancements inclusive of the HVAC business.

Whenever one works with the company, the exemplary truth is that one often attains higher value for their capital. The attainment of this is facilitated by their availability of professional and proficient skills that undergo training from regularly prior to starting providing services and premium products that are found in the company alone.

Additionally, the company ensures that all the technicians are “Sadie Certified’. This becomes a supplement to their passage. This entails passage through a thorough procedure as well as a drug test. Notably, each individual job has the company attachment of a free flashlight of the Goettl Company.

Due to the experience associated with HVAC industry leadership, the Goettl Company has been of great help in making things orderly for the heating industry as well as that of air conditioning. In line with the provision of exemplary HVAC services, the company does well.

Having a flashback into the start, it was in the year 1926 when at Ohio, Mansfield the two brothers saw it wise moving westwards towards Phoenix, Arizona. The objective, in this case, is to facilitate the identification of the existent business opportunities. Goettl Air Conditioning result was established and the establishment of its base is in Phoenix. It has since then undergone a lot of transformations mostly in line with technology. A lot of innovation is also required and the consistency shown by the company shows that the innovation team available is doing a good job and works well to ensure the smooth running of the company operations.

Jim Larkin’s Lifetime Of Labor Activism

Jim Larkin was an Irish trade unionist, socialist activist and legendary folk hero. He is credited with the establishment of the Irish Workers’ Union. The workers union is the precursor to the current labor movement in Ireland. It also laid the groundwork for Irish industrial unionism. He believed all workers should be members of one big union. He is also associated with the Irish Labour Party.

Jim Larkin traces his roots back to England in 1874 where he was born. Jim Larkin grew up on the other side of the tracks in Liverpool. He dropped out of school when he was eleven years old. He depended on menial jobs and ended up as a foreman on the docks. Having a full time job made him more responsible. He started dabbling with literature and discovered charity as well as politics.

He lost his job at the docks in 1905 when he was let go for participating in a workers strike. Thereafter, he became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers and quickly became a staunch labor activist.

He was posted to the Belfast branch of the labor union in 1907. He launched a labor activist publication titled “Irish Worker” in 1911.

He used the journal to showcase his editing skills to great success. Around the same time, British workers went on strike. He used the conflict to rapidly grow the membership of the workers union.

In 1913, he was at the forefront of one of the biggest industrial actions dubbed the Dublin Lockout. The protest pitted over four hundred employers against more than twenty thousand workers. The workers prevailed. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

His activism strategy involved mobilizing large groups of workers to strike against the employers. He also organized anti-war protests in Dublin at the onset of World War I. He migrated to the US shortly thereafter. However, his hardline socialist stance landed him in trouble in the US. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

He continued to promote his socialist ideologies through freelance activities and as a public speaker. He was an eloquent speaker with a natural talent in leadership.

He was forced to move back to Ireland in 1924. He continued his labor activism. He was instrumental in opposing the Trade Union Act of 1941. He used the labor movement as a lifeline to gain back his earlier popularity.

The efforts paid off in 1943 when he gained entry back to the labor party leadership. He remained the most prominent symbol of solidarity in the labor movement. He died in 1947 in Dublin, Ireland.


Civil human and migrant rights are socially constructed fundamentals that have been established to ensure peaceful coexistence of communities with different cultures.

There are numerous civil, immigrants, and human rights foundations that have been established globally to foster social minority acceptance, human protection as well as world peace. The American Immigration Council is a good example of these organizations.

The American Immigration Council

The American Immigration Council is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC which works to shape Americans feelings towards immigration in respect to the United States’ immigrant history.

The organization fosters the formation and implementation of policies and laws that honor America’s immigrant past. It also promotes the development of positive attitudes towards the immigrants amongst the American citizens.

The organization runs programs that educate the American citizens about the invaluable contributions of the immigrant communities; both in the past and present; to the rich American culture.

These programs are inclusive of education and international exchange programs whereby scholars are given the opportunity to experience different cultures and are educated on cultural tolerance and acceptance.

The American Immigration Council also has legal and policy programs which foster the formation and upholding of humane immigration policies, promote legal justice for the immigrants, and ensure that legislation on immigration respects both humane and constitutional rights. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The American Immigration Council works to ensure fair judicial process for immigrants whereby immigrants are empowered to stand up for their rights. The organization also ensures that government is held accountable for injustices against the immigrants.

Through research and analysis, the council educates the American citizens on the enduring contributions the immigrants have made in America and promotes the formation of rational immigration policies in regards to fundamental American values.

The programs of the council are funded through donations from various sources including the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a fund dedicated to funding immigrant’s rights organizations in Arizona.

According to Biz Journals, the fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who are the founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Lacey and Larkin dedicated the $3.75 million settlement from their incarceration on October 18, 2007, in Maricopa County by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the Lacey and Larkin Fund.

The journalists, Lacey and Larkin, were arrested for disclosing the proceedings of a sensitive court case that sought after reporters’ notes on articles about the Sheriff. The grand jury had also demanded for the provision of the identity of the citizens who had read the news articles on the same that published online.

Following this, Lacey and Larkin sued the county in a bid to defend their First Amendment rights. The two journalists won the case in the United States Court of Appeals for the ninth circuit and were thus granted $3.75 million as settlement for their unlawful incarceration.

Lacey and Larkin committed their settlement fees to the support of human right organizations that support civil advocacy and participation, freedom of speech as well as migrant rights though out Arizona including at “la línea fronteriza” which is, the Mexican border.

Through their leadership, the fund has been used to support human rights groups and has contributed greatly towards the achievement of justice for the migrants and oppressed groups in the society.

Sheldon Lavin: The Finance Executive Who Flourished in the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin’s name, as Chairman, President, and CEO of OSI Group, has become synonymous with the fast food industry. Rightfully so considering all he’s accomplished in leadership roles with the company. As successful as he is today it’s hard to believe that this career wasn’t his first choice. A career in finance made much more sense to Lavin early on. Pursuing a career in finance he landed his first job in the banking industry as an investor and executive. His career was going so well he founded his own financial consulting firm. His career direction began to change once he began consulting for OSI Group.

While just a consultant he helped arrange OSI’s finances and secure vital funding for the company moving forward. He was brought on as OSI’s full time financial adviser and aided in it’s goal of building a meat processing facility. This facility dominated the Midwest region. It quickly became Mcdonald’s primary supplier in the area. At this point Lavin was fully on board with OSI and accepted a role as business partner. Although highly successful of OSI Processing food, he knew OSI had the potential to be more than it was at the time.

By the 1980’s Lavin had become sole owner of OSI and it was at this time that OSI saw its biggest growth period. It expanded to multiple territories outside the nation. Today OSI is a global multibillion dollar food processor and this is largely due to Lavin’s leadership. The OSI Group was the recipient of the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016.

India’s Vision World Academy awarded Lavin the Global Visionary award for his outstanding achievements in 2016. Lavin was humbled by the award and very thankful. More than two decades ago he wouldn’t even have thought he’d be in this industry let alone make an impact.

OSI Group Info:

James Dondero’s Philanthropic Acts Blesses the Dallas Zoo with a Hippos Exhibit

Recently, an article about James Dondero and his corporation, Highland Capital Management supporting the Dallas Zoo in Texas was published on The article begins with explanations of several years of planning and construction set for the Dallas Zoo ever since the removal of the Hippos exhibit. The article goes on to cite a quote by the Zoo’s CEO and President, Greg Hudson, in which he states that he is excited to see the Hippos exhibit return after 15 years thanks to several donors, including James Dondero.

As said before, with the help of several donors and supporters, the Dallas Zoo will be re-welcoming the Hippos exhibit, which will be formally known as the Simmons Hippo Post. Deeper into the article, the honorary chairmen and president of the Zoo thank the several private institutions that generously donated to the project. One of the generous donors included James Dondero, Co-Founder and President Highland Capital Management. Dondero donated 1 million, which was dedicated towards building extensive educational displays and private events focused around the hippos. The Zoo has gone on the thank Dondero extensively for his charitable acts.

In fact, the article goes on to state that this is not James Dondero’s first big charitable project. He is a world-renowned philanthropist and pursues charity efforts not only by himself, but also through his business. For example, Dondero and his corporation teamed up with the president of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Linda Owen, to plan philanthropic projects and charity events shortly before working with the Dallas Zoo.

It is no secret the James Dondero enjoys giving back to other organizations and invests great time into making sure his projects are carefully created and heartfelt. Some of his other projects include the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the American Heart Association, the George W. Bush Presidential Library, and etc. Although these are finished philanthropic project, Dondero is still donating frequently to each organization.

In its last few paragraphs, the article cites a quote by one of Dondero’s executives, Mike Rawlings, who stated that Dondero’s commitment to philanthropy is inspiring. All the organizations Dondero continually thank him for his generosity and support, especially the Dallas Zoo, who is hopeful for the future of their Simmons Hippo Post exhibit.

“A Fair Day’s Work for A Fair Day’s Pay”: The James Larkin Story

On January 21, 1876, James Larkin was born in a Liverpool slum. He received minimal schooling. The few years he went to school he also worked to supplement his families income.

Larkin held a variety of menial jobs before finding employment on the Liverpool docks ultimately becoming a foreman. He was a labor leader, Socialist, nationalist and finally a Communist.

In 1905 Larkin became an organizer for the National Union of Dock Labourers.

(NUDL). Larkin’s approach to strike management was too extreme for the NUDL leadership. Consequently, he was transferred to Dublin to over see NUDL efforts there.

In Dublin, he formed the Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The ITGWU was to be an all inclusive union mixing skilled and unskilled laborers from all trades.

The ITGWU agenda was: an eight hour work day, a guaranteed pension at the age of sixty, Compulsory Arbitration Courts, universal suffrage, and nationalization of all transportation.

A series of strikes in Dublin between the years 1912 and 1913 culminated in the Dublin Lockout of 1913. Depending on the source the lockout pitted between 300 to 404 employers against 20,000 employees (one source says, 100,000 strikers).

The bone of contention was workers’ right to unionize. Larkin’s hoped for boycotts and sympathetic strikes staged by other unions. There was to be no violence. It was absurd for workers to destroy the means of their livelihood.

August 26, 1913, the workers walked off the job. Employers responded by locking them out unless they agreed not to join any unions. Larkin’s call for sympathetic strikes went unheeded. Newspapers denounced the strike. Companies imported strike breaking laborers.

Catholic Charities refused aid to the children of striking workers. Workers felt the deprivations of prolonged unemployment. On January 8, 1914, the workers agreed not to engage in any union activity. The once powerful ITGWU became irrelevant.

When World War 1 started in 1914 Larkin insisted that the Irish should not fight for England. Instead, they should arm themselves to win Irish independence from England. “…fight for Ireland and no other land”, he admonished.

That same year Larkin went to America to raise money to buy arms through speaking tours. In New York City he founded the James Connolly Socialist Club named in honor of a friend and associate killed during the 1916 Easter Uprising. The JCSC became a hot bed of leftist activity.

In 1920 he did a three-year stretch in Sing Sing prison for criminal anarchy and Communism. In 1923 he was deported to Ireland.

Larkin’s brother Peter and son Jim organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland. On January 30, 1947, James (Big Jim)Larkin died when he fell through a floor that was under repair in the WUI’s headquarters Ashe Hall.

Larkin’s efforts on behalf of Irish labor are honored with a bronze statue outside of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions office on Donegall Street Place in Dublin. His philosophy, “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” remains a rallying cry of labor unions.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Jason Hope Is Indispensable For The Future of Mobile Technology

Every once in a while, someone comes along and changes how things are done. Sometimes these changes are negative, but in Jason Hope’s case, they are anything but. In the world of technology, everything is constantly shifting and adapting and improving to allow new advancements. Hope is a leading entrepreneur with outstanding plans and knowledge in mobile technology. He is a consistent and important project manager and has worked on dozens of brilliant ventures that have been tremendously helpful in furthering the mobile technology enterprise. On top of this, Jason Hope is also supportive of and knowledgeable in The Internet of Things, which is a simpler name for devices that can be connected through technology in order to make things easier. For example, clapping to signal a light switching on and off, or snapping your fingers to turn on the fan or the television. Hope is a staunch believer in the power of the Internet of Things and is highly involved in the processes and plans for future updates in connected devices and technology.

As a young adult, Jason Hope was always mired in his own projects, sometimes to his own downfall. He’s remarked that especially helpful to only focus on one project at a time in order to avoid getting overwhelmed and burnt out. This way of organizing and moving forward has been one of the leading factors in bringing his ideas to life and moving him up in the entrepreneur world. His extensive work in the varying facets of mobile technology and the future of the electronics industry has made him an invaluable resource to many people who are committed to furthering agenda of the Internet of Things and connected devices research.

Jason Hope is also a big supporter of social media and it’s potential when it comes to internet marketing and advertising. Jason Hope believes that, in order to put yourself out there, it’s essential to learn the ins and outs of SEO and social media to make it easier for people to connect with you. Since the very beginning, he’s made his interests public and worked tirelessly to bring all of his social accounts up to speed. When people ask him what one of the best tools of marketing is, he’s always quick to recommend social media in all it’s varying forms.

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Bob Reina: He Can Handle It All

There are some people in the world that can only do so much before they fall down and they break. That is normal and there is nothing wrong with that. Each and every person out there is wired differently and has a different mental makeup. Someone like Bob Reina can handle anything life throws at him without much resistance, and he does not back down from a chance to improve himself, the company, or the product, Talk Fusion, which has been in existence since 2007. With them celebrating a decade of making dreams come true and changing lives, it is a testament to the company that was started with Bob Reina simply wanting to send out a video email to someone. Learn more:


Now, the company is bigger and better than ever. They have won awards in 2016; two of them, and one of them was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. It is hard to win one award but to win them of them from the same company; it shows they are trending in the right direction. Bob Reina would not have it any other way. He knows all about the people out there that are unhappy in life and unhappy at their jobs. He keeps his ear to the ground, as they say, and he stays in touch with other people. Learn more:


By doing this, it makes Bob Reina human and that is one of the aspects about Bob Reina that people identify with the most is his humanity. He wants people to live a life that is suited for them and their situation. When they use Talk Fusion and their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they are opened up to a whole new world and a whole new way of thinking. It is a better one. Learn more:


It is one in which they can see themselves happy and they can see themselves having a future at a job in which they are the CEO and owner. That is a tremendous feeling, and it is one that many people want and desire for in their lifetime. Learn more:


Phillip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve head, calls emergency meeting in Austin

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly clear to many of the leading minds in the economics profession that the United States is entering into a period of historically unprecedented uncertainty, volatility and untested economic models.

The long period of extremely low interest rates has led to a record-smashing Dow Industrial Average as well as asset price runups in many other markets. Many other such unprecedented trends are taking place, leading observers to question where this is all heading.

But some are growing increasingly wary of signs that they perceive to be ominous. Phillip K. Diehl, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve and the former director of the U.S. Mint, has repeatedly sounded the alarm on the systemic risks of continuing down the same economic road on which the U.S. currently finds itself. Read more: Working at US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | Manta

Diehl convened the meeting in Austin to start hashing out what exactly the worst risks are and how best to counter them. During the meeting, Diehl revealed for the first time his report entitled “The U.S. Gold Report”.

The report details various threats to the well being of the average American, including what Diehl says is the almost inevitable beginning of hyperinflation.

Diehl believes that, unless radical measure are taken within the next few months, hyperinflation will become inevitable in the United States. Diehl says that this could eventually lead to widespread economic collapse, like that currently unfolding in Venezuela. The U.S. Gold Report details seemingly intractable problems that are now confronting the U.S. economy. These include the refusal of the Baby Boomer generation to step aside into retirement.

Diehl contends that the severely reduced consumption habits of the 70-plus-year-old demographic, combined with the displacement of younger workers from the workforce, will result in a dramatic shift in the tax base towards individuals who are clear net tax liabilities.

This will eventually drain what few reserves Social Security and Medicare have, forcing the government to begin sharply expanding the money supply. Diehl says that hyperinflation then becomes inevitable.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is the largest seller of U.S.-issued gold and silver coinage in the world. Founded in 2008, it has provided a means for millions of Americans to successfully hedge against systemic market risks, giving ordinary citizens a means to follow the same kind of risk-eliminating investment strategies as sophisticated hedge fund managers.

U.S. Money Reserve has sold gold coins to millions of satisfied customers.

Utilizing Securus Technologies for Prison Security

Each day that I wake up and head to the prison, I know that I may not be coming how to my family due to the violence that takes place on my job. As a corrections officer, I have a target on my back every second of the day, and inmates would like nothing more than to make me or my fellow officers suffer for their incarceration. That means I better be on my game every second I am behind those prison walls.


In an effort to try and keep the level of violence to a minimum, we have to put a huge security presence inside the visitor center. This is one of the best ways to be able to slow down the flow of things like weapons or drugs into the hands of the inmates. Despite the visitors knowing that they can not give the inmates anything, things still manage to transfer hands and put us all in danger.


We have to step up our efforts as far as cell inspections to be able to find anything that could have slipped by the visitor center, and even then we don’t get every piece of contraband out of the jail. Securus Technologies was the missing piece of the puzzle we needed to really tighten up security in the jail and make it that much harder for an inmate to get control of something that could put me in harm’s way.


Once I was familiar with all the specifics of using the LBS software, we began to pick up chatter quickly concerning inmates and contraband. Call after call revealed inmates talking about how they get drugs, who is bringing in drugs, and where all that contraband is being hidden inside our facility. In short order, we have been able to really tighten up security and make everyone inside safer as a result.