Treating Clinical Depression with TMS Health Solutions, SF

For those struggling with clinical depression, and have endured therapy, group-work and prescriptions, to no avail, there’s still hope. TMS Health Solutions has seven locations in Northern California, equipped with expert clinicians, researchers, and counselors, whom specialize in helping those with Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). According to the San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership, in 2014, hosplitalizationion for major depression “increased significantly among young adults 18 to 24 years old”. Furthermore, many SF residents have “some of the highest disparities in hospitalizations for major depression”. TMS Health Solutions provides compassionate care and thorough psychiatric treatments, making TMS therapy in San Francisco attainable and affordable.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) works as a noninvasive procedure that stimulates brain nerve cells using a magnetic field, which results in decreased symptoms of depression. Writer of Scientific American, Kasra Zarei, claims, that although TMS isn’t new, the “evidence for its safety and effectiveness has gotten stronger” as of 2017. Moreover, when combining it with treatments like psychotherapy, the rate of response increases significantly. That said, TMS Health Solutions offers corresponding psychiatric services, such as prescribing and monitoring medication, and makes referrals to respected, nearby psychotherapists. In order to give the best care and guidance, a doctor first assesses the patient’s family background, medical history, changes in behavior, and so forth. Then during the process, the team regularly reviews each patient’s responsiveness through tools such as the PHQ-9 Screen, which signifies whether or not to adjust treatment.

TMS therapy in El Dorado Hills, CA is made possible by a talented team of researchers and practitioners, including Psychiatric Regional Medical Director, Oana Galicki (MD), the Director of Neurology Services, Joshua Koluva (MD), and Psychiatrist Chief Medical Officer, Richard Bermudes (MD). Finally, making mental health care cost-efficient, TMS Health Solutions, accepts most insurances, including Magellan, Anthem Blue Cross, and United Health Care. Financial coverage plans are available for those without insurance. Those suffering with clinical depression in the San Fransisco area can get considerable help with two locations: a center near UCSF (350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite #201, 94117), and one in Union Square (360 Post Street, Suite #1000, 94108).

Whitney Wolfe Herd Redefining the World of Dating Applications

Whitney Wolfe Herd is known for entrepreneurial skills in the corporate world of the United States. She is one of the co-founders of Tinder, a popular dating app with over 50 million users. After parting ways with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble dating app, which is more of a women-centric dating app that allows women to make the first move. Bumble is estimated by Forbes to be worth over a billion dollars, and Whitney Wolfe Herd recently rejected the acquisition offer by for $450 million.

Whitney Wolfe Herd says that the dating world is very unruly at the moment and while there are many dating apps and sites out there, none of them are streamlined to be conveniently used by women. It is the gap that is filled by Bumble. At Bumble, while men and women can like each other through the traditional swipe right or left feature that has become a part of the dating culture lately, it is only the woman who can contact the men first. It gives an added advantage as well as the control to women. In many of the dating sites, it is often seen that women are bombarded with messages that are lucid and sometimes even borderline vulgar.

Men who don’t like the idea of women being in control or the one to be allowed to message first are already filtered out by this method. So, women can be sure that men they are coming across at Bumble are the ones who don’t mind women being in a position of strength. Whitney Wolfe Herd has had several bad experiences with dating app herself, which has made her aware of what women are looking for in a dating app. She has helped design Bumble precisely in a way what modern women today are looking for. Whitney Wolfe Herd has featured on the covers of many favorite magazines, including the Forbes, Wired UK, and the Fast Company.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has completely changed the dynamics of dating for men and women by introducing Bumble. As per the feedback from many users, the members at Bumble are much more mature and filtered in their approach towards women. The company has strict moderation rules and system in place, which ensures that any violations of terms and conditions or use of unruly or vulgar behavior are met with the ban on using the app. Such rules ensure that women feel safe while using this dating app.

Tony Petrello Did Not Let Texas Down When Hurricane Harvey Struck

When a major disaster strikes, it reveals a lot about different businesses and business leaders. The reason for this is that it shows who actually cares about the communities they serve in. When Hurricane Harvey struck in 2017, Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, and his company came to the rescue by helping as much as possible. While giving back to the community is already a special part of Nabors Industries and Tony Petrello, when the Hurricane hit, the company gave its employees paid time off to get out and help people who had been hit the hardest. Not only did Nabors send its employees out to different locations to offer a helping hand, but Tony Petrello also donated $173,622 to the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, which matched the same amount donated by the company’s employees.

A small percentage of Nabors Industries employees were affected by Hurricane Harvey, and this, along with his desire to help the people of Texas is part of what motivated Tony Petrello to help out as much as he could. This isn’t unusual for Petrello; however, because as most people who live in Houston know, he is always taking part in philanthropic efforts. Anyone who knows him knows that he has donated quite a bit of money to help further research that is working to help kids with neurological disorders. To date, he has donated more than $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also serves on the board for the hospital, and it was his donations that led to the development of a Neurological Research Institute. The Research Institute is the first of its kind that serves to learn more about kids neurological disorders, but Petrello hopes that it won’t be the last.

Tony Petrello is the CEO and President of Nabors Industries, and he came aboard with the company in 1991 when he served on its Board of Directors. Before he worked with Nabors, he worked at Baker & McKenzie, which is a law firm where he practiced corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. He, specifically, worked with Baker & McKenzie’s New York office as a Managing Partner until he moved on in 1991. Petrello has always supported education and he, himself, earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree as well as a Master’s Degree in Mathematics while studying at Yale University. He also attended Harvard Law School where he received a Juris Doctor.

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TMS Health Solutions providing relief for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)

Clinical Depression, Major Mood Disorder, sometimes called Depression, is a fact of life for many. Symptoms usually include low self-esteem, lack of interest, low mood, lack of energy, and can even include peculiar pain sensations. Job performance, academic effort, relationships, and family life are all impacted by depression. Sleep, appetite, personal hygiene, are often affected negatively. Depression is commonly linked with suicide.


For those who suffer from Clinical Depression, periods or bouts can last for days, months, even years without stopping. Some have gone long periods of time with no symptoms only to have them return. Others suffer daily. Still there are some for whom regular help does not provide the relief they need.


Treatment-Resistant Depression affects a significant portion of sufferers. For some, even with traditional counseling and medication, their symptoms persist or worsen. They never get back to feeling like their old self.


TMS Therapy Roseville is addressing this group of individuals and providing relief for a vast majority of them. By working closely with a patient and their doctors, TMS Health Solutions tailors a treatment plan specific to the individual.


Clinical Depression is traditionally understood as a mental disorder. It relates to the sending, receiving, and processing of signals within the brain. TMS Therapy works by helping those parts of the brain which process and conduct these signals. It is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The procedures are non-invasive. No surgery or sedation is required. Patients are able to resume their regularly scheduled activities immediately after each session. Treatment plans, including daily sessions of thirty to sixty minutes each, typically last from four to eight weeks.


If you or someone you know in the Roseville are might benefit from TMS Therapy, please visit for more information. They offer a free packet of information, available for download, which includes more information about the therapy and technology behind it. A short questionnaire is also included. Answers to frequently asked questions, access to additional knowledge resources, and insurance information are included to assist you and your doctor in determining if TMS Therapy is right for you.

George Soros’s $18 Billion Donation

It was reported in October 2017 by New York Times that George Soros has made a staggering donation of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. Soros, a banker, and hedge fund manager was listed in February 2017 as the world’s 19th richest person. His donation will further the philanthropic causes of the Open Society Foundations.

Originally from Hungary, George Soros moved to London, England in 1947. He attended the London School of Economics before beginning his career at Singer and Friedlander, a London based merchant bank. Soros worked for Singer and Friedlander for two years before transferring to F.M. Mayer in New York City. He worked there as a European stock specialist until 1959. That same year he became a European securities analyst at Wertheim & Co., also based in New York.

In 1963 Soros began working for Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder and worked his way to vice president of the company. During this time George Soros founded both the Double Eagle hedge fund and Soros Fund Management. The Double Eagle hedge fund grew from $4 million in 1969 to $12 million in 1973.In 1973 Soros left Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, deciding to work full time as chairman of Soros Fund Management.

In the 1970’s Soros also began his foray into the world of philanthropy. He began to fund black students attending the University of Cape Town in apartheid-era South Africa. He also began to finance the operations of dissidents behind the Iron Curtain. Soros has a lengthy history of assisting in the fight against communism. He has spent many years promoting the peaceful democratization of countries formerly ruled by the Soviet Union. Conducted primarily by the Open Society Foundations, the results of these efforts can be seen today throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Soros has also been active in the political world. In 2004 he began to back a new political fundraising association known as the Democracy Alliance. This group yearns to spread progressive ideas and further progressive causes. He has also donated to Transparency International, a group whose focus is eliminating corruption on all levels of government and in turn ending the crimes born out of corruption. Soros is also affiliated with the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, a group run in Zimbabwe by Godfrey Kanyenze. It is one of the main forces behind bringing about Democratic change in the region.

Soros has also implemented the Millennium Promise in Africa. Money from this promise goes towards ending extreme poverty in the continent through education, better agricultural practices, and modern medical care. Soros’s massive $18 billion donations will allow these efforts, and much more around the globe to continue and expand, spreading peace and education.

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José Auriemo Neto Is A Reliable Real Estate Advisor

Are you planning to make your fortune in real estate? Need advice and guidance on how to get started on the right path to real estate business success? If you want to consult with a reputable real estate advisor, then check out José Auriemo Neto one of the most reliable professionals in the field.José Auriemo Neto is the chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF. He has been with the company for many years and knows what works. JHSF is a real estate development and management firm and is well known in Brazil real estate market.

This highly successful company has been delivering outstanding services since 1972 and has numerous clients across the nation.The services of a renowned professional can help you reach your goal and become successful in the real estate business. Anyone who is planning to invest in the Brazilian real estate market will benefit tremendously by having an expert on their side.When it comes to getting expert assistance with real estate business in Brazil, look no further than José Auriemo Neto. He is a top rated professional in the industry and he is passionate about advising and guiding his clients to success.

Purchasing a residential or commercial property requires thorough knowledge of the industry. In Brazil, José Auriemo Neto advises and guides clients in making the right decision in their real estate venture. José Auriemo Neto works closely with clients to ensure that they are familiar with how things work and what to avoid.If you want to find out more about the real estate strategies that work in Brazil, it’s imperative that you get in touch with José Auriemo Neto right away. Learn the techniques and strategies that that work, and then get started .

The Two ‘Faces’ of Betsy Devos

It was during the Obama administrations that transgender students got a reprieve and were allowed to use washrooms identified with their gender. However, in the wake of President Trump election, things changed. Trump administration stood to rescind the federal policy. Hours before the announcement, Betsy Devos and her aide traveled to meet a representative in the education sector. There, she delivered the news to be expected. Her close aide informed the representative that Ms. Devos had tried to sway the decision but got unlucky. However, during the announcement, Ms. Devos showed no sign that there were differences in the administration. Betsy Devos joined in the announcement and confirmed her stand during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. There, she said that the rescinded federal policy was among the policies that showed an example of overreaches in Obama administration.


People who have known Ms. Devos for many years warn against taking her for a meek team player. During her previous roles when she advocated for charter schools and the school voucher program, Betsy Devos exhibited resilience, devotion, and dedication. Publicly, she may appear as gracious, but behind the curtains, she is a relentless, self-driven, and an active political fighter. Over the years, she has used her family’s wealth to push her agenda, reward political allies, pass legislation, and unseat political foes. In Michigan, she is known for instilling fear and taking control of the city politics. Not just because of her vast wealth, but due to her determination when she sets her eyes on a price. It’s a no-brainer, she arrived in Washington with no prior experience in internal politics. Lack of experience put her at a disadvantage while negotiating for the transgender policy. However, critics expect that she will learn the game and have her way. The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, says that there is a tendency of underestimating her reaches. However, the publicly plain spoken Betsy is dangerous behind the curtains.


Over the years, she has championed for school vouchers, a program aimed at diverting money from public schools to charter schools. She says that the program seeks to compel the public schools to put more effort in education delivery programs. The program has had its fair share of resistance with opponents calling it a plan to undermine the federal system. None of the critics deter her determination. She openly supports schools run by for-profit institutions.


Today, much of her life in the public domain regards her role as the secretary for education. However, Betsy Devos and her Husband Dick Devos contribute enormously towards charity. Together, they founded the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation with the aim of donating towards charity. Through the institution, they contribute towards the development of education, medicine, and arts. They have sponsored the construction of several halls that seek to improve talent in children. On the other hand, they actively participate in communal activities in their hometown. To date, the two are estimated to have donated an estimate of $139 million. Learn more:

Earning Cash Flow With Market America

Being able to make a lot of money from home can be a wonderful way to quit your day job and be able to stay in the house with your family. Unfortunately, it can be problematic to try to figure out where to go for the right type of option. In order to get started making money from home, you need to consider the benefits of Market America. Market America has been a wonderful asset to a lot of people, as it helps them to make money from home selling high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

The beauty about Market America is that it enables you to quickly and easily sell products without being involved with the shipping. What this means is that you can create a site for yourself, advertise it to your liking and then make use of the different tools available to get yourself better known online. Because you can simply run a site that makes you money with Market America, it is like having a franchise but without all of the work involved with it. This is why a lot of people have turned to this option and are finding it to be a great opportunity for them to have some extra cash flow without doing a ton of work themselves.

Now that you know how beneficial it is for you to make money through Market America, you are going to want to visit their site and select the type of site that you want as well as the product you would like to sell. Once you get it all set up, it is just a matter of maintaining the site to your liking and bringing in more people who will ultimately buy the product from you. This is going to save you tons of time and hassle because you can still make money from home without all of the problems involved with it. This is why a lot of people have chosen this method for themselves and are finding it to be a great way for them to make the money they need.

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The Official Clay Siegall Blog Experiences Unprecedented Growth

Clay Siegall is a world-renowned CEO and scientist that has recently dipped his toes into the blogging space. This new venture comes from a desire on Siegall’s part to share his personal interests and passions with the world, and it’s an idea that has been met with great success. Topics posted on the blog range from Football news to recent scientific breakthroughs: Two things that aren’t commonly seen together. It’s that fact that has given the blog so much of its identity, however. By appealing to a specific niche, that being individuals that share his interests, Siegall has found an ingenious way to distinguish his own blog from the competition.

Here are just a few examples of some recent articles. One details a press release by Malcolm Butler where he claims that he will be ready to play during the Super Bowl, in spite of minor illness. Another gives comprehensive detailings of Super Bowl LII, including predictions and breakdowns by professional analyst Bill Barnwell. As Super Bowl LII is just around the corner, it isn’t difficult to see what is occupying the mind Clay Siegell. And while football may be the hot topic, the blog has still made space for more science-oriented posts; Just recently, Siegall posted a study from NPR detailing how seagrass can potentially benefit shellfish.

But who is Clay Siegall? The longtime CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall has dedicated the majority of his life to the sciences. In doing so, Siegall has cultivated a legacy of success in both academics and business. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, shortly after graduating from George Washington University. The recipient of high-level degrees from both George Washington University and the University of Maryland, Siegall has created quite a name for himself in academia. Academics are far from Siegall’s only conquest, however. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has the distinction of being one of the few biotechnology corporations with the distinction of being consistently profitable. This makes Seattle Genetics an extremely appealing prospect for investors and potential employees, two facts that have absolutely lent itself to its continued success.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Earned Her 30 Under 30 Title

At just 28 years old, Whitney Wolfe Herd is clocking in as a centimillionaire thanks to the idea she had for an app to empower women. She had the idea after some failed attempts at trying to make a name for herself and make her way in the technology-driven app world that was filled with men. She wanted a company that was not only focused on women and empowering them but also on how women would have a chance to be a positive part of a big company that would be making a difference for everyone who was in the app world.

When Whitney Wolfe Herd decided that she was going to create an app for women, it was going to be one that was simply there to encourage people and try to help them through different things. She wanted women to feel like they had a space where they could connect and grow with each other instead of having to constantly compete with each other. She knew women would benefit from this because they all always worked hard to make sure they were working easily with each other. For Whitney Wolfe Herd, this is how things worked for her and for the people who she was doing different things with.

The app took shape, but it took on a different form. It was the form of Bumble. The app was the first time where women could take advantage of online and app dating scene. They were given all the power. She made it so women would be the ones to initiate conversation with men. It took away the element of dodging inappropriate advances and pictures and really put the world of app dating back into the hands of women who had chosen to use the app.

As Whitney Wolfe Herd saw it was growing, she also saw she was becoming more successful. Forbes recently named her in their Top 30 under 30. She is making waves in app community, in the development world and even on the dating scene. Bumble has continued to get better while people are doing their best at different things. It is their way of making sure women know what they need and can get more from the dating scene than what they did before. Whitney Wolfe Herd knew this when she started the app and when she continued to grow it to help it become better.

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