Sheldon Lavin, Successful Businessman

Sheldon Lavin, a successful businessman has led OSI Group towards constant victories in the meat industry. Mr. Lavin started his career early in the financial industry. He had his own business consulting firm and worked in banking. Lavin always had goals to help other businesses grow successfully using his business knowledge. It all changed when Otto & Sons, currently known as OSI Group offered him an “ownership position”. ( Lavin decided to go above and beyond as the CEO, especially when McDonald’s corporation offered to work with them. This is when Lavin and the OSI Group entered a new wave of success.

Since Lavin joined OSI, he has helped them win many awards. As of December 2015, Forbes ranked OSI Group as #58 with annual revenue of $6.1 Billion. The Global Visionary Awards was given to Lavin’s in 2016 for his commitment and dedication to succeed through business trials and tribulations. Lavin knows what to do during the peak seasons and when business is down.

The meat industry has honored OSI Group multiple times for their successful business strategies. Sheldon was honored for “his dedication to, and active participation in, charitable organizations.” They have also been recognized for giving back to the community. Lavin has helped a great deal with the Ronald McDonald house. This community home is available for people with financial restrictions. For example, St. Jude Children Research Hospital sends many of their patients to live in the Ronald McDonald house when they can not afford to pay for hotel and lodging.


Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

The meat industry owned by Sheldon Lavin can only be described as Rome was not built in a single day. For over 43 years now, Sheldon Lavin entered the industry with limited resources and market advantage, because he wanted to become the best source of meat, he concentrated on quality rather than quantity. He worked hard to have a successful investment in the meat industry of the United States. He is also one of the executive board members of the OSI Group of Companies in the United States. Sheldon Lavin also owns a small financial consultation company. Since he was working as a manager, Sheldon Lavin became the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group of Companies.

Sheldon Lavin has worked to improve his business deals. According to a recent statistics in the American Business Journal, Sheldon Lavin is one of the largest suppliers of food products in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. The company has also worked hand-in-hand with other market leaders to realize equity and anonymity in the industry through business isolation deals. Sheldon Lavin is also one of the richest individuals in New York. He has worked to administer better business deals in a way that is not paralleled in the industry.

The OSI Group of Companies has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. It is, therefore, ranked as a world-class company. Sheldon Lavin is one of the proudest employees of the company in a way that is not permanent in the industry. He has also worked to grow his business and management profile to become the leader of the company. He feels that business should be prioritized before anything else in a company. For the OSI Group of Companies to grow, they worked hard to achieve better business deals in the industry.



Fabletics – Kate Hudson Providing The Brand With Her Expertise

Kate Hudson is a professional company that provides women with the best activewear out there. The brand is known for their impressive products and top of the line solutions for accomplishing and getting the best clothing in activewear. Fabletics is a reliable brand that delivers only the best designs from the coolest designers that aren’t available anywhere else. with a small monthly fee, you gain access to great recommendations and suggestions from the brand’s best designers. With a short quiz that you take when you join the site, you gain access to some great recommendations on things that fit your needs the most.


Fabletics is now creating several stores in different locations throughout the nation. The best part about the brand is that they are capable of providing you with a great set of actual opportunities to find some good clothes. Their in person store is capable of providing a real life experience to try the clothes on and buy it later on if you would like. This is the best way to save money and get the best recommendations because you can try the clothes in person and buy them online later on when you want to, and you only need to buy what you want.


Fabletics is built off of the hard work put in by the team behind the brand. People like Kate Hudson created a successful part of this business allowing for the brand to provide a solution for their users and fans. Fabletics is loved by Hudson because she helped take care of it from the very beginning. She has built a great foundation for her company allowing for the brand to gain success and notoriety through the help of efficient work that she has put in.


Kate Hudson works closely with every part of the team in the offices to help out. Being very hands-on is part of her job, so she works effortlessly to help provide a place where results happen for the people who work on this project. Kate Hudson loves challenging herself and bringing the business to the forefront of fashion because she knows women need a reliable and affordable option when it comes down to finding activewear that fits their lifestyle. The brand is highly respected for all kinds of reasons, but Hudson’s work ethic is what has allowed for the brand to grow effortlessly on the right path and accomplish so much.

Delicious Purina Beneful Dog Food Available With Convenience and Cost-Effective

Dogs depend on their owners, for providing them with the most-beneficial food to grow healthy and strong. Dog owners must then depend upon a reliable resource, for finding the best product, while also staying within their budget.

For decades, Walmart stores have provided both the best dog food products, and the best price available. Dog owners can find Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon at Walmart stores as well as purchasing it through their website.

Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon is a great choice, for making sure that a dog gets the essential minerals and vitamins necessary to live a healthy life. With the main ingredient salmon, a dog receives a high amount of omega fatty acids, which are needed to reduce inflammation within a dog’s digestive tract, but also to protect their natural coat and color. Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon is also full of vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes that gives a dog the feeling of being full, without added fillers. Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon has plenty of whole grains that assure with each bite, a dog gets a combination of healthiness and pure satisfying taste.

Purina Beneful Originals with real salmon is available at Walmart in a 15.5-pound bag, for the lost-cost of under $14, and there are additional savings when purchased online. Purchasing this dry dog food product online is convenient, and a cost-saving benefit, for a dog owner. When combining Walmart and Purina Beneful together as a resource, for a dog food choice, it’s a great convenience and very cost-effective decision.

Whitney Wolfe Has A New Dating App Out

What She Is Doing To Change Things

Whitney Wolfe made a huge impact through her work at Hatch Labs. Hatch Labs, the creators of Tinder, have changed just about everything that we think about how online dating work, but there are still some caveats. Sexual harassment is a prevalent problem on online dating apps and there needs to be something done about it. This is where the work of Whitney Wolfe and her new app Bumble comes along. For the first time ever, women will now be the ones to make the first move.

The Success Of Bumble

Bumble has certainly been a success. Since its launch in late 2014 it has generated some of the longest lasting relationships around. The secret to her success isn’t a surprise when you look at the fundamental formula that Bumble follows. All encounters between men and women begin with women making the first move. That changes just about everything we’ve ever thought about online dating. Thanks to this model sexual harassment is astonishingly rare on the platform. There are few other companies that have devoted so much to making sure women feel safe.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur known for her ventures into web development. After graduating college she committed herself to various business endeavors. After she had provided herself with the experience necessary she decided she wanted to make herself the CEO of her own app company. This is where the idea for Bumble came from. Thanks to her success she has been acknowledged as one of the youngest but most successful CEOs of our times. There simply aren’t many people who can claim they have her level of success in the world of online business or her track record with customer satisfaction.

Training With Beneful Treats

Training is an important part of having my dog in the home. I have to train her to use her puppy pads in the house so that she doesn’t have an accident as well as train her to go outside when she needs to use the bathroom. Beneful treats are used in the home to reinforce good behavior whether it has to do with potty training, sitting or performing a few tricks.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

One of the treats that my dog enjoys that gets her teeth clean is the dental ridge. Since she is a small dog, the mini treats are ideal for her mouth. The treats have a meaty center and are made with parsley to accent the other flavors.

Baked Delights Stars

A new treat that I have seen in stores is Baked Delights. They are like little cookies for dogs. I have tried the bacon and cheese with my dog, and she seems to like them. They are small in size, and you can see small bits of bacon in each treat. I enjoy that they are baked so that they don’t have as much fat in them as some other treats.

Dental Twists

The dental twists are swirled with flavor. They are easy for my dog to grasp in the mouth since there isn’t a smooth texture. The treats help to support the teeth while giving her the fresh breath that other family members enjoy.

Baked Delights Hugs

I have only used these treats a few times. They are small squares with a crispy outside and a soft center. These have an enticing aroma and are often used with training.

Arthur Becker Conducts An Interview On Ideamensch

Arthur Becker was asked of a trend that he finds interesting. Mr. Becker said that he is excited and interested by several trends going on now in the biotechnology sector. He is especially excited about breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Becker admits, he has no medical or scientific training. Still, he has actively followed the sector and been involved in investments in this field. It is fair to say that he has an idea of what he is doing and what is happening there.

Next, Ideamensch asked Arthur Becker on some of his habits that make him more effective as a businessman. His response included that as an entrepreneur you need to be able to balance passion and drive with critical thinking. Startups, Becker says often have a lot of passion, vision and drive, but may lack the critical thinking needed to steer the company in the right direction. It may also require leadership and strategy to actually implement the ideas successfully. Passion and drive is good but it must be combined with strategy, vision and deep thinking if a business is to succeed.

Arthur Becker also elaborated that being in tune with the management of a company is very important to the success of a business. In the businesses that he has been successful, Arthur Becker says he always had a good relationship and chemistry with the management team. Having a talented management team and building up a good relationship with them can be the key to unlocking success in your company. Learning from your mistakes and knowing what to avoid and not do can also help you in the long run. More details can be found on

Ideamensch then asked Arthur Becker about the worse job he had ever held and what he learned from it. Becker responded by saying that he worked in the parks and recreation department of a local city when he a teenager. The work was physically grueling and paid only $1.60 per hour at the time. Arthur Becker says that he quickly realized that he wanted to do something that payed a lot more money and that he found more enjoyable. Today Arthur Becker works as a real estate and technology investor through Madison Partners LLC. and he finds it pretty satisfying.

You can visit his website

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Nationwide Title Clearing And Their Fast Order Service

Everyone who uses Nationwide Title Clearing for their real estate documents will find that a title may be cleared in moments, and they will have all the paperwork required to push through a new transaction. This article explains what Nationwide Title Clearing does, and it takes a look at their online order system. They move through orders fast, and they will show their customers a level of service that is not matched by anyone in the industry.


#1: What Is The Online Order System?


The online order system is such that everyone who uses it may send their request to the company through the website. The Nationwide staff receives the requests in real-time, and they will process their orders as soon as possible. They may choose to go to a records office to check the title, or they may complete all their work online. There is quite a lot of research that goes into helping the customer, and each customer is given a full report that is based on the research that was done.


#2: Why Change A Title?


Changing the title is quite important as anyone who is searching for a proper document must have the correct owner’s name and information on it. There are many people who have noticed that their titles are not printed properly, and they will find it necessary to change the names and addresses on the title for their own security. The property cannot be sold or closed if they do not have clear titles, and someone who is deeply concerned about the state of the title may ask Nationwide to check it for them. They will notice how easy it is to ensure that they receive back the title in its proper form.


#3: The Title Will Come With A Report


A report may be needed to ensure that all the people who are changing their titles know how the title was changed. They must ensure that they have read the report to know how the property was handled before they bought it, and they may keep the report for their own records.


Nationwide knows how to clear a title quickly, and they will share information with their clients that explains how titles were altered in the past. Each title comes with a simple report that explains its status, and a copy of the title is attached after the office has made their changes.


Stem Cell Therapy can Successfully Treat Lung Disease

Stem cell therapy can be an effective treatment option for those whom suffer from chronic lung disease. This type of therapy has been successfully used in treating COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pneumoconiosis, Emphysema, Interstitial Lung Disease and Bronchiectasis. A population of stem cells can be readily separated from other cells found in a patient’s blood and bone marrow. This special population of cells has the unique ability to turn into any other type of cell in the body. When the stem cells are intravenously returned to the body they will get trapped in the lungs. Once trapped, the stem cells begin to naturally heal the lungs. Unlike traditional treatment options, this regenerative treatment option has the ability to treat more than just the symptoms and promote healing.

The Lung Institute is one of the leading stem cell treatment centers. Here, doctors have developed a successful stem cell therapy protocol for the treatment of lung disease. The protocol uses one of two types of treatments for the collection of stem cells. The first separates out the stem cells from the blood over a course of two days. The second type of cell collection comes from the patient’s bone marrow. Bone marrow collection has a higher patient success rate because more stem cells can be isolated. Once the stem cells are isolated and processed they can then be returned to the patient’s body to treat the disease. The whole treatment process is minimally invasive and can be performed on an outpatient basis over three days. In a report by LifeStlesAfter50, patients who have been successfully treated with stem cell therapy have noticed improved lung function in just a few weeks. Recent advances in the stem cell therapy protocol, developed by The Lung Institute, have minimized associated negative side effects.

For more information, resources can be found at

View the treatment options here:

Watch stem cell video on the Lung Institute YouTube channel.

Securus Is A Winner At Gold Stevie® Award 2017

The 11th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service have announced Securus Technologies as the finalist for the Best Customer Service Training Department in 2017


Securus Technologies is already enjoying a reputation for being a leading provider of civil as well as criminal technology solutions. Hence it came as no wonder to me when they won a Gold Stevie® Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. This will be at the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. In fact, I would consider these as the top honors in the world for customer service and contact center, besides business development as well as sales professionals. It is the Stevie Awards that are organizing so many leading business awards programs in the world. The American Business Awards SM is one of them. Another one is the prestigious International Business Awards SM.


I was looking forward to Securus Technologies winning the Gold Stevie(R) Award in the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service that were presented at a banquet which was held on Friday, February 24 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, there were over 650 executives from all around the world who attended this event.


With 2,300 nominations coming in from virtually every industry, it was not easy to do the evaluations this year. In fact, I have noticed that this competition is getting bigger each year. In fact, there was an increase in nominations this year over 2016.


There are several judging committees comprising of 75 members who determined these Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award placements from the Finalists during the final judging that was done in February.


Getting recognized by independent experts for all these efforts is inspiring and motivating. The training team at Securus Technologies has won this award for their empathy and understanding of the customer’s situation. Hence they tried to solve issues on the first call itself.