Dr. Sergio Cortes Says Zika Virus Becomes A Vexing Problem for WHO

Dr. Sergio Cortes has been educating people about the Zika virus on his official blog at Sergiocortesoficial.com, and he says despite optimistic reports, there are plenty of reasons for concern. According to Dr. Cortes official news blog, the Zika virus causes fetal cranial deformities, and several cases have been reported in Brazil. In fact, the Ministry of Health reports there have been 462 cases of the so-called microcephaly, and 3852 more are suspected. Brazil’s head of state, Dilma Rousseff deployed around 220,000 military and health authorities to visit homes and distribute leaflets about the Zika virus. Authorities have also distributed insecticides into sewage pipes to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.

What Makes The Zika Virus So Risky?

The WHO (World Health Organization) say don’t panic, but the initial concern is that people who become infected with Zika, do even notice any symptoms. For some, there is a slight fever, rash and red eyes, but on average, only about one of four infected develop symptoms. Second, there is a particular risk to pregnant women. Dr. Sergio Cortes points out on noticias.com that the Zika virus has not officially been ruled a cause for microcephaly, yet Brazil’s local Health Ministry says around 4,000 suspected cases were linked to the virus in 2015.

The virus has been underestimated for years, and big pharma companies are currently on the hunt for a vaccine, along with the WHO (World Health Organization) is currently working in collaboration for a potential cure, but analysts say it could take 18 months or more.

As a leading medical expert in Brazil, Dr. Sergio Cortes established an official blog for access to anyone wanting to learn more about the Zika virus. “Mosquitoes have become a flying needle, ready to infect millions, and the leading defense against Zika is keeping updated about the virus” says Dr. Cortes.

Meanwhile, confirmed cases have been reported from more than 30 countries, including a few dozen in the United States. With the epidemic spreading rapidly, scientists say Zika could infect millions more. The newest concern is how this virus will affect Brazil’s Olympic summer games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) representatives say Zika “is absolutely not an issue,” and Dr. Sergio Cortes believes there certainly will be fewer cases since Brazil is drier during August, yet that doesn’t entirely rid Brazil of the bloodsuckers.

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