William Saito Has Influenced Japan As A Cybersecurity Expert And Has Theories Regarding Startups Being Affected By Financial Turmoil

William Saito is a Japanese American businessman, former advisor for the Japanese government and venture capitalist born in Los Angeles, California in March of 1971. His specialty is cybersecurity. In 1969 his parents immigrated to the United States from Japan. He graduated from high school in 1987. He attended the University of California and engaged in the Biomedical Science Program. William Saito started a computer security company while still attending junior high school. In 1991 the firm was incorporated as I/O Software. The business developed a system to recognize fingerprints and was later adapted by Sony. The company entered into a partnership with Microsoft in 2000. Microsoft purchased the business assets in 2004.

Once the business was sold William Saito moved to Japan. He became a venture capitalist and started investing in start ups in Japan. In 2011 the World Economic Forum named him as a Young Global Leader. He was appointed for technical and IT support after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster for the National Diet committee in 2011. William Saito served Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as a top advisor regarding cybersecurity issues. From 2013 until 2017 he advised the Cabinet Office on cybersecurity. During 2016 and 2017 he served the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as an advisor. He was a member of the 2020 Summer Olympics technical task force.

William Saito additionally served the Ministry of Education, Technology, Science, Sports and culture as an educational policy advisor. In 2015 he was Japan Airlines strategic advisor while providing advice on IT strategy to JAL. He was the first Digital Innovation Promotion General Manager for JAL in 2017. In 2014 and 2015 William Saito served the Japan Times as an advisory board member. This was in addition to advising Fast Retailing and Hakuhodo.

William Saito has his own views on the affects of financial turmoil regarding startups. He has spoken of the financial stress in areas suffering from disasters. He stated this makes people more adaptable to starting new ventures. He said the history of disasters occurring in Japan was the catalyst for numerous start ups. He spoke of Honda and Sony both being postwar. Rakuten began after the earthquake struck Kobe. He feels the reason there is so much building in the Tohoku region is the belief of the people that things cannot possibly get any worse. William Saito said a lot of entrepreneurs come from this area.

William Saito bases his investments on what is required for the sustenance of the elderly population. His investments include batteries, robotics and materials because he believes these are necessary for the elderly. This is especially true in Japan. The Tokyu Group and IJF are currently working on a building in Sendai to support the entrepreneurs.



GoBuyside Winning Over Clients And Job Hunters

Investment firms are quickly realizing the innovative structure of GoBuyside. GoBuyside, a New York based company, helps recruit top tier talent for many major players in the investment industry. The company was founded in 2011. It is already the top recruiting marketplace for the investment industry in the United States. Job hunters are also quick to follow GoBuyside for their premium listings.

Founder Arjun Kapur was working in the world of finance when he noticed a potential solvable problem. The hedge fund and investment industry wasn’t attracting enough top caliber employees. Kapur knew there had to be a solution for finding great talent for these premium positions.

He envisioned a unique process that would set his future company apart from others. He wanted to develop an innovative method that used specific nuances to match potential employees with high profile clients.

Kapur already boasted an impressive background before the launch. His Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford’s prestigious Graduate School of Business spoke volumes. He graduated from John Hopkins University for undergrad. He appeared destined for big things in the business world. He eventually would create a groundbreaking recruiting platform. It would evolve into one of the more important recruiting tools for investment firms to date.

GoBuyside was launched in 2011. The company experienced early success.
The New York based company now serves 10,000 firms worldwide. They help source and screen prospective employees in 500 cities around the globe. The client list is impressive. GoBuyside works with equity firms, hedge funds and many Fortune 500 companies. The company has successfully branded itself as a go-to recruiter for the investment industry. They’ve been recently quoted as a source in major investment publications. GoBuyside is considered an expert when it comes to investment industry staffing, salary and trends.

GoBuyside is still busy building the brand even further. The company is heavily involved in all aspects of social media. It isn’t uncommon to see high profile job listings on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages. The company continues to find elaborate ways to connect with top notch talent across the world. Many investment career professionals are already signed up for the network.

The future of GoBuyside looks incredibly bright considering the incredible growth over the short term. The investment industry and job hunters appear to be in agreement.


GoBuyside Offers Insight into New Regulations

One of the biggest assets that any business has is its employees. While a business can try to invest in their staff as much as possible, finding the right employees to get the job done can be a huge challenge. This is especially true in the world of high finance we’re getting skilled individuals can be very problematic. For those organizations that are in need of assistance when it comes to hiring, utilizing the services provided by a staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in the industry would be very beneficial.

One organization that has continued to provide very valuable recruiting services to companies in the private equity and finance industry is GoBuyside. GoBuyside is an international recruiting and employment placement firm that has been providing amazing services to businesses and firms of all sizes for more than a decade. Ever since the company was founded, it has continued to grow substantially in size. Today, the organization has more than 400 clients that are based in major markets all over the globe. While GoBuyside is well known for providing amazing services to ensure that a business is well-staffed, they are also very knowledgeable about a variety of regulations that impact businesses in a variety of different ways.

Over the past few months, there have been many new regulations that have been set forth by the European Union that will impact businesses a number of different ways. One of the most important set of new rules, which is called the General Data Protection Regulations, will have a major impact on organizations across the world. GoBuyside has been able to review these new rules and regulations and can provide a variety of tips to businesses to ensure that they are able to stay in compliance with the laws.

Read: http://gobuysidenews.com/2018/02/01/gobuyside-explores-factors-driving-compensation-private-equity-sector/

At the core of the new rules and regulations, businesses will need to do a lot more to keep their data secure. This can deal with data that is related to business activities but also with employees. Due to the significant amount of data hacks that have taken place over the past few years, the EU has been concerned that employee data could be stolen in all aspects of the hiring process. Because of this, the new regulations will require that businesses follow a set of rules to keep this data safe. Those that are not in compliance could face some different penalties.

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Treating Clinical Depression with TMS Health Solutions, SF

For those struggling with clinical depression, and have endured therapy, group-work and prescriptions, to no avail, there’s still hope. TMS Health Solutions has seven locations in Northern California, equipped with expert clinicians, researchers, and counselors, whom specialize in helping those with Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). According to the San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership, in 2014, hosplitalizationion for major depression “increased significantly among young adults 18 to 24 years old”. Furthermore, many SF residents have “some of the highest disparities in hospitalizations for major depression”. TMS Health Solutions provides compassionate care and thorough psychiatric treatments, making TMS therapy in San Francisco attainable and affordable.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) works as a noninvasive procedure that stimulates brain nerve cells using a magnetic field, which results in decreased symptoms of depression. Writer of Scientific American, Kasra Zarei, claims, that although TMS isn’t new, the “evidence for its safety and effectiveness has gotten stronger” as of 2017. Moreover, when combining it with treatments like psychotherapy, the rate of response increases significantly. That said, TMS Health Solutions offers corresponding psychiatric services, such as prescribing and monitoring medication, and makes referrals to respected, nearby psychotherapists. In order to give the best care and guidance, a doctor first assesses the patient’s family background, medical history, changes in behavior, and so forth. Then during the process, the team regularly reviews each patient’s responsiveness through tools such as the PHQ-9 Screen, which signifies whether or not to adjust treatment.

TMS therapy in El Dorado Hills, CA is made possible by a talented team of researchers and practitioners, including Psychiatric Regional Medical Director, Oana Galicki (MD), the Director of Neurology Services, Joshua Koluva (MD), and Psychiatrist Chief Medical Officer, Richard Bermudes (MD). Finally, making mental health care cost-efficient, TMS Health Solutions, accepts most insurances, including Magellan, Anthem Blue Cross, and United Health Care. Financial coverage plans are available for those without insurance. Those suffering with clinical depression in the San Fransisco area can get considerable help with two locations: a center near UCSF (350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite #201, 94117), and one in Union Square (360 Post Street, Suite #1000, 94108).

TMS Health Solutions providing relief for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)

Clinical Depression, Major Mood Disorder, sometimes called Depression, is a fact of life for many. Symptoms usually include low self-esteem, lack of interest, low mood, lack of energy, and can even include peculiar pain sensations. Job performance, academic effort, relationships, and family life are all impacted by depression. Sleep, appetite, personal hygiene, are often affected negatively. Depression is commonly linked with suicide.


For those who suffer from Clinical Depression, periods or bouts can last for days, months, even years without stopping. Some have gone long periods of time with no symptoms only to have them return. Others suffer daily. Still there are some for whom regular help does not provide the relief they need.


Treatment-Resistant Depression affects a significant portion of sufferers. For some, even with traditional counseling and medication, their symptoms persist or worsen. They never get back to feeling like their old self.


TMS Therapy Roseville is addressing this group of individuals and providing relief for a vast majority of them. By working closely with a patient and their doctors, TMS Health Solutions tailors a treatment plan specific to the individual.


Clinical Depression is traditionally understood as a mental disorder. It relates to the sending, receiving, and processing of signals within the brain. TMS Therapy works by helping those parts of the brain which process and conduct these signals. It is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The procedures are non-invasive. No surgery or sedation is required. Patients are able to resume their regularly scheduled activities immediately after each session. Treatment plans, including daily sessions of thirty to sixty minutes each, typically last from four to eight weeks.


If you or someone you know in the Roseville are might benefit from TMS Therapy, please visit tmshealthsolutions.com for more information. They offer a free packet of information, available for download, which includes more information about the therapy and technology behind it. A short questionnaire is also included. Answers to frequently asked questions, access to additional knowledge resources, and insurance information are included to assist you and your doctor in determining if TMS Therapy is right for you.

The Two ‘Faces’ of Betsy Devos

It was during the Obama administrations that transgender students got a reprieve and were allowed to use washrooms identified with their gender. However, in the wake of President Trump election, things changed. Trump administration stood to rescind the federal policy. Hours before the announcement, Betsy Devos and her aide traveled to meet a representative in the education sector. There, she delivered the news to be expected. Her close aide informed the representative that Ms. Devos had tried to sway the decision but got unlucky. However, during the announcement, Ms. Devos showed no sign that there were differences in the administration. Betsy Devos joined in the announcement and confirmed her stand during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. There, she said that the rescinded federal policy was among the policies that showed an example of overreaches in Obama administration.


People who have known Ms. Devos for many years warn against taking her for a meek team player. During her previous roles when she advocated for charter schools and the school voucher program, Betsy Devos exhibited resilience, devotion, and dedication. Publicly, she may appear as gracious, but behind the curtains, she is a relentless, self-driven, and an active political fighter. Over the years, she has used her family’s wealth to push her agenda, reward political allies, pass legislation, and unseat political foes. In Michigan, she is known for instilling fear and taking control of the city politics. Not just because of her vast wealth, but due to her determination when she sets her eyes on a price. It’s a no-brainer, she arrived in Washington with no prior experience in internal politics. Lack of experience put her at a disadvantage while negotiating for the transgender policy. However, critics expect that she will learn the game and have her way. The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, says that there is a tendency of underestimating her reaches. However, the publicly plain spoken Betsy is dangerous behind the curtains.


Over the years, she has championed for school vouchers, a program aimed at diverting money from public schools to charter schools. She says that the program seeks to compel the public schools to put more effort in education delivery programs. The program has had its fair share of resistance with opponents calling it a plan to undermine the federal system. None of the critics deter her determination. She openly supports schools run by for-profit institutions.


Today, much of her life in the public domain regards her role as the secretary for education. However, Betsy Devos and her Husband Dick Devos contribute enormously towards charity. Together, they founded the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation with the aim of donating towards charity. Through the institution, they contribute towards the development of education, medicine, and arts. They have sponsored the construction of several halls that seek to improve talent in children. On the other hand, they actively participate in communal activities in their hometown. To date, the two are estimated to have donated an estimate of $139 million. Learn more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2017/04/06/what-is-education-secretary-betsy-devos-doing-with-the-rapper-pitbull-in-miami/?utm_term=.dac9eddf93b8

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Continue To Excel In Their Treatments While Integrating An Efficient New System

The CTCA or Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth, and Allscripts have joined together in the implementation of a support solution called eviti. This provides clinical workflow access to the electronic health record of Allscripts Sunrise. The integration is seamless, and provides information regarding the cancer treatment process. The direct interface is called NantOS, required input from hundreds of oncologists, and encompasses a collection of data for cancer care.

The Allscripts Sunrise HER integrates treatment regimens, current cancer research, and complimentary therapies. Once the platform is engaged it provides customized treatment regimens, treatment option comparisons, the average cost of delivery., and order entry. The treatment regimens eviti recommends use an integrative approach regarding the delivery of care. This combines supportive therapies and clinical approaches for the unique needs of each patient.

The transparency is greater through Clinical Pathways regarding therapeu­tic selection and efficiency and quality are improved. Through the integrated platform the clinical teams can discuss available treatment regimens with their patients, and make comparisons. This improves the appropriateness and confidence of the treatment regarding the patient’s diagnosis. The approval from insurance providers is also expedited.

Richard J. Stephenson is the founder of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This occurred after his mother passed away from cancer because he was unhappy with the treatment options available for her. The year was 1988 when the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital opened in Zion, Illinois at the Midwestern Regional Medical Center. Between 2005, and 2012 four additional hospitals were opened.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a for-profit network of five hospitals in the United States. They serve cancer patients with an integrative approach combining surgery, immunotherapy, radiation, and chemotherapy. Integrative therapies are used to manage side effects including nausea, anxiety, depression, pain, malnutrition, and lymphedema. The original headquarters of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America was in Illinois, was moved to Florida in 2015, and renamed. The CTCA then Became the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Standing With The NFL

In a world where people are focused on taking a knee, many NFL players are taking a stand with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This came about after several NFL players contacted Cancer Treatment Centers of America with a fundraiser proposal. The proposal stated that if the NFL donated so much money, Cancer Treatment Centers of America would supply free screenings for prostate cancer for men 40 or older. The NFL players who contacted Cancer Treatment Centers of America were themselves diagnosed with this type of cancer or have a family member with this type of cancer.

The NFL and Cancer Treatment Centers of America also made a partnership with LabCorp. LabCorp agreed to host the screenings, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is hosting the doctors, and the NFL is providing the funds. This promotion will be over on November 1st, so it’s crucial for men over 40 to action now. Thier screening for prostate cancer will be free whether they have insurance or not. However, only the first two-thousand men will receive this free screening. After the first two-thousand men are screened, other men can be screened, but they must make a small donation to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This is because the screening process is so expensive. Moreover, the doctors working for Cancer Treatment Centers of America go beyond the traditional screening. They make sure the screening is thorough, and even a hint of prostate cancer will be reported and the man will go for treatment immediately.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the biggest not for profit organization in America. They make sure every patient is fighting cancer with everything they have in them. They also make sure every patient is treated with the best care possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is currently researching more innovative ways to fight cancer.

Neurocore Helps Patients To Overcome Depression

The importance of proper brain development cannot be undermined. The human workforce plays a massive role in the development of any economy. When a person is stressed, then he/she cannot be able to avail services to the society in the proper manner. Whenever we undertake in any action using a part of our body, signals are sent to the brain, and every activity is recorded accordingly.

Work can be depressive due to the hustle involved in the delivery of services on a daily basis. Other stress factors that can lead to depression in life include the death of loved ones, relationship breakup, or financial loss of any kind. Most people who are stressed end up being depressed without having an idea of what is happening to them. Keeping the brain in proper working conditions is crucial towards enabling an individual to live an appropriate life.

As a result, many companies have come up with different solutions to help in allowing individuals eat well, work properly, and associate with people correctly. One of the adverse effects of depression is the poor association with other people. Depressed individuals end up having thoughts of taking away their lives, or they might end up harming people who live with them. Neurocore is one of the few enterprises that is engaging in the provision of better health services.

In conjunction with other companies, Neurocore is working hard to ensure that people understand the status of their psychological development. At the moment, 300 individuals are working at the company and any person can contact the institution’s helpline to receive the much-needed assistance. The company has also invested in various resources to enable in the proper delivery of services. Individuals who benefit from Neurocore services tend to suffer from migraines, anxiety, autism, ADHD, and stress.

Depression comes in various formats, and it is essential to understand the most suitable stress management technique that can be adopted. Psychiatrists and other specialists enable clients to resolve matters in their lives in a more efficient manner. Resources are essential to allow the company achieve its goal of better brain development.

The gentle giant, restoring peace of mind, Neurocore.

Focusing on alternative treatment, Neurocore, a brain performance health institution prefers to stray away from medical treatment, using machines and other drug-free methods to correct brain disorders.

They perform functional assessments among both adults and children, Neurocore which began in 2004, has helped alleviate sleep problems, better concentration and assisted in stress management, consequently impacting many lives. With some centers in Florida and Michigan and a workforce of 200 staff members, Neurocore is fast becoming an authority in the mental health sector.

The health facility specializes in the treatment of,
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Autism
• Sleep disorders
• Migraines
• Depression

Among the above, Depression stands out as the most common and persistent issue. Here are serious facts you need to know about depression.

Depression Comes in varieties.

There’s more than just one type of depression. Seasonal affective disorder, for instance, may come about with the change in weather, where most people find it depressing to go through winter. Post-partum depression, on the other hand, comes with childbirth.

Factors other than trauma causes depression.

There is a misconstrued notion that depression can only come about as a result of an accident, death and other traumatic events. Depression can also come about due to genetics, divorce, loss of employment, abuse and other stress-related factors.

It can have hidden symptoms

Some people go for years without knowing that they have depression. One may feel numb, sad and empty inside. These symptoms are not visible and can easily go unnoticed.

It can lead to suicide

Unfortunately, if it goes untreated, many commit to suicide as a way to save them from the agony of depression. According to statistics, Suicide is the number one cause of death in America; there were a recorded 42,773 suicides in 2014.

Depression can affect one physically.

One may exhibit symptoms such as stomach upsets, headaches, shortness of breath, and tension.

It’s the leading cause of disability

Depression is third among the major issues facing employees in the workplace; depression has cost U.S.A billions in lost productivity. Symptoms of desperation and social isolation lead to less productivity. Even the most intense form of depression is treatable. With medication and therapy, even the most serious form of depression is curable.

More funding for research.
As compared to health problems like cancer which attract huge donations in funding, depression-focused research receives very little financial aid.

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