Talkspace is redefining how we see therapy

There was once a time when the only way to receive therapy from a mental health professional was too plan appointments weeks or even months in advance. That has changed with Oren Frank’s Talkspace. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that aims to provide therapy to anyone who needs it.

People are on their smartphones a lot, and Oren Frank wanted a way to use the smartphone as a therapy tool. He designed Talkspace to be easily accessible and to provide quality mental health care at an affordable price. Talkspace users can connect to their therapists with their smartphone or on their computer.

Magellan Health and Talkspace made a deal recently, and soon the service will be provided for people who are insured by Magellan Health.

Talkspace therapists are not only mental health care professionals, but they are also trained on how to properly administer therapy through text messages and video chat sessions. They can provide on-demand therapy sessions anytime and from any location. Most of the therapy is done through the text message platform, and some plans include video sessions with therapists.

Users of Talkspace praise the one-on-one custom therapy they received. Many mentioned that the relationship they formed with their therapists was genuine and that their therapists showed genuine empathy during their sessions.