Whitney Wolfe Herd Earned Her 30 Under 30 Title

At just 28 years old, Whitney Wolfe Herd is clocking in as a centimillionaire thanks to the idea she had for an app to empower women. She had the idea after some failed attempts at trying to make a name for herself and make her way in the technology-driven app world that was filled with men. She wanted a company that was not only focused on women and empowering them but also on how women would have a chance to be a positive part of a big company that would be making a difference for everyone who was in the app world.

When Whitney Wolfe Herd decided that she was going to create an app for women, it was going to be one that was simply there to encourage people and try to help them through different things. She wanted women to feel like they had a space where they could connect and grow with each other instead of having to constantly compete with each other. She knew women would benefit from this because they all always worked hard to make sure they were working easily with each other. For Whitney Wolfe Herd, this is how things worked for her and for the people who she was doing different things with.

The app took shape, but it took on a different form. It was the form of Bumble. The app was the first time where women could take advantage of online and app dating scene. They were given all the power. She made it so women would be the ones to initiate conversation with men. It took away the element of dodging inappropriate advances and pictures and really put the world of app dating back into the hands of women who had chosen to use the app.

As Whitney Wolfe Herd saw it was growing, she also saw she was becoming more successful. Forbes recently named her in their Top 30 under 30. She is making waves in app community, in the development world and even on the dating scene. Bumble has continued to get better while people are doing their best at different things. It is their way of making sure women know what they need and can get more from the dating scene than what they did before. Whitney Wolfe Herd knew this when she started the app and when she continued to grow it to help it become better.

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