The Mutual Benefit Between McDonald’s Restaurant And OSI Group

As a prime world food provider, OSI Industries partners with premier retail and foodservice brands to offer concepts to table solutions to delight consumers globally. The food company has its headquarters in Illinois, Aurora to be precise, and it operates in nearly 65 facilities based in 17 countries.

OSI Group McDonalds early history dates back in the year 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, founded it as a local meat market in Illinois, Oak Park. By 1917, the butcher shop had expanded and Otto Kolschowsky relocated it to Maywood, Chicago Suburb and named it Otto & Sons.

The 1st McDonald’s restaurant was founded in 1955 by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines and Otto & Sons became its ground beef supplier. Within a few decades, Otto & Sons made its name as a food provider that provides consumers with high-quality meat. McDonald’s restaurant found success leading it to expand unimaginably, Otto & Sons company had to keep supplying affordable ground meat to the ever-widening OSI Group McDonalds restaurant.

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Luckily, the company came across a food processing method, cryogenic, that enabled them to preserve food via liquid nitrogen freezing in the 1960s. The method made their supplier task more affordable and easier creating a closer and tighter business relationship between the two, McDonald’s restaurant & Otto & Sons Company. In fact, Otto & Sons Company became the 4th meat supplier for the OSI Group McDonalds restaurant, a 5th supplier was there as well.

In 1975, Otto Kolschowsky family business was renamed as OSI Industries. OSI Group partnered with the Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation to inaugurate GenOSI, which is a food processing Industry for the Philippians. In 2002, the company was established in Beijing and currently, it has expanded to many other countries as well.

OSI Group McDonalds offers consumers with products such as dough, vegetables, pork, pizza, poultry. Fish, bacon, meat patties, and hotdogs. The giant company, OSI Group, has had a mutual benefit with other food chains such as KFC, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway. Today, OSI Group McDonald are one of the recognized food providers in the world; Forbes listed OSI Group among the successful privately-owned companies in 2016 with a fortune of around $6.1b.

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Strategies That Helped Make Evolution of Smooth a Success

Evolution of Smooth is an innovative lip balm product that took the country by surprise more than seven years ago. What surprised many Walmart shoppers for stores as well as marketing professionals, was the way the product was packaged. Co-creators of the product Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, conducted a panel discussion with women to find out what attributes they would find desirable in a lip balm product. Their objective was to introduce something that would be totally different than the current tube style container used for the leading brands of lip balm on the market.

Strategies That Paid Off

The information gathered from the panel was put to good use in designing the package for the Evolution of Smooth lip balm. Women had mentioned they would like a product that was easy to hold and apply. The design the co-creators came up with was a round ball that fit nicely in the palm of the hand. The balm itself sat inside the bottom half of the sphere where it could be easily applied to the lips. The panel had also informed the team at EOS lip balm about how women tended to purchase items that made them feel good. This helped them create a lip balm that not only made lips feel soft, but also appealed to the senses of taste and smell.

In an online article Sanjiv Mehra talks about the decision to create an innovative product that would become a staple for most women. While the cute little orb was appealing to women they wanted their product to be more than just a passing fad. This is what led them to enhance the sphere by making it available in different colors and creating different flavors for the balm. They even made the orb click when the top was placed back into place. Read full article on

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