Dog Food: Top Processing Industry

Beneful is a company that has specialized in processing of dog food. According to the chief executive officers Richard Thompson, the company only accepts fresh ingredients to maintain the quality of the products. It is the only refrigerated dog food there is in the market making it favorable to stack for later use. When doing tours around the factory, the chief manufacturing manager Michael Heiger is also seen tasting the slices of dog food and claiming it to be simply heavenly. The fact that it can be consumed by human then it means that pets will grow healthy when fed on Beneful dog meal. Beneful by Purina Store is a top notch dog food manufacturer there is today. They ensure that the quality of the products they offer are unrivalled. This is possible in that when the raw materials are supplied to the industry they quality is tracked till the end product. Suppliers are also required to maintain certain standards so that the company can retain its high quality of dog food. In additional to quality standards within the enterprise, they have gone a step further to ensure that the Purina products are within the federal law including the FDA and other state laws. The staff in the Beneful company have undergone intensive and continuous training to ensure that high standards are not optional. The company also tracks the performance of the feeds through personal visits to random customers.  If not satisfied, they can also send a team to your location so long as there is a Beneful outlet nearby.