Parents Take Back Control Of The School System With Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith has taken an idea he had when working as one of the majority of underpaid and undervalued public school teachers which included placing parents at the heart of every decision being made. The launch of Rocketship Education in 2006 in San Jose, California has seen the group grow into many different areas and states as the success of this charter school system has seen elementary students reaching the heights of success; from opening in the hall of a local church in San Jose to operating more than ten dedicated school campuses across the U.S., Rocketship Education has come a long way in a short time.

One of the main reasons for the success seen by Rocketship Education is the evolution of its links between parents, teachers, and staff members. Preston Smith explains the growing relationship between parents and teachers has reached the hiring process which parents now play a key role in including the interviewing of potential educators to ensure they have the dedication and level of intensity needed to be a success at the charter school system. The personalized learning system created to benefit every student adds extra strain and work to the role of an educator within the system and prompts many to turn back to the public school system, a decision Preston Smith respects in many of his teacher candidates.

Launching Rocketship education came after Preston Smith saw the problems in the public school system which were causing students from low-income families to fall behind their peers attending private schools. Creating an innovative education system has allowed Rocketship education to provide around one month of extra reading and math support for each student each year they attend a charter school.

Presently, Rocketship Education only provides support for students through elementary school but is providing support for parents looking to extend the reach of charter schools into middle and high schools across San Jose and beyond. Rocketship Education hopes to positively affect the lives of students and their parents who become important members of the education community.