Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a man of many talents as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is based out of San Francisco, California and he has experience in the healthcare industry. Chackerian and other partners have made substantial progress in the healthcare industry building networks and even making a device to treat depression. The treatment called trans-cranial magnetic stimulation has helped individuals.


The problem with this form of treatment is finding doctors for it and trying to take insurances to cover it. His partner had a passion for the treatment and their vision was to help people suffering from depression. They have been able to build facilities throughout California and have created an environment that is friendly to all patients. Chackerian credits his upbringing for bringing him success and from experience. Being fostered in a friendly environment he credits to spawning his genius. Chackerian is also intrigued by the advancement of technology but specifically digital healthcare. He believes new applications telemedicine have caused more of an understanding of patients conditions and improving treatment.  For more details you can visit linkedin.com


Ara Chackerian via his Medium account has some articles on various topics but an intriguing one is an article that examines the stigma around suicide. It’s a topic that people do not like discussing and one that takes many lives. Other tragedies are fought by organizations but when it comes to suicide there is more vulnerability and a sense of weakness. Suicide can destroy a family and people always think that they could have changed the result but it sometimes can be tough to know when there isn’t communication. There is a misunderstanding when it comes down to it and why people who have it all could ever do such a thing to themselves. Many suffer from depression, whether you are famous or not or whether you are rich or not. For more details you can visit arachackerian.com


However, there is hope as more people are beginning to come out and discuss the topic. There is a number that anyone can call who is struggling or who knows of someone who is currently. Many do not find out that their loved ones committed suicide till its too late, but its vital for people who know to report it and try to help the individual. Ara Chackerian believes that communication is the key to saving more lives. To see more checkout business.com





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Greg Secker and his Latest Philanthropic Partnership

Businessman and philanthropist Greg Secker is working in the foreign exchange market and provides education on online trading internationally. Over his career, Greg Secker has founded and co-founded businesses, written extensively both articles and published books, and has delved into markets other than online trading as well.

Since 2003, Greg Secker has been in business. He made a career in Forex trading which also enabled him to become his own boss later on. As an active Forex trader, Greg Secker amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and skills. He started sharing them with others and creating services and products that he believed were needed. He founded the SmartChart Software, and after working from home for about a year, Greg Secker became established, and his service was recognized in the business.

From then on his career started picking up and Greg Secker went n to establish several other businesses which he united under Knowledge to Action. Those other companies are Learn to Trade, FX capital, and Capital Index. Out of them, Learn to Trade amassed the most success quickly becoming an international corporation.

Greg Secker started up a charity foundation in 2010. The Greg Secker Foundation work non-profit focused on quality of life improvement around the globe. That foundation frequently partners up with several youth programs to work towards improving education and the leadership skills and life in communities all around the world.

Some of his latest philanthropies has taken Greg Secker to the Philippines where he has been helping with home reconstruction for the people of Lemery, Iloilo where the typhoon had destroyed homes. Geg Secker has partnered up with the boxing star Nonito Donaire Jr.

The athlete met up with the businessman in Las Vegas, and then they flew together to Lemery where they worked with the builders. They reconstructed more than a hundred homes. The athlete Nonito Donaire Jr. stepped up and stated that athletes are not as involved in philanthropy as they can and should be. While athletes focus on what they do best, they are also missing a chance to give back to communities every single day.