BBA – Because Reputation Matters

Remember the last time you did an online search for a person, product, company or service and found negative information at the top of the search results? It may have even been today or yesterday, but chances are good that it hasn’t been that long. Recall the furrowed brow that information caused, or how quickly you dismissed any consideration of using that item, company or service.

This is the initial impact of bad press, negative word of mouth or even malicious intent driven content being spread. The ripples and even waves that can potentially follow that initial impact can be damning, even deadly to many businesses. Negative, false and bad information found in search results can effect not only potential and prospective customers, but existing customers and perhaps even future investors – but there is help.

Companies like BBA (Bury Bad Articles) are in the business of helping businesses, people, products and services survive the aftermath of unflattering, negative and harmful information (true or otherwise). According to research and studies BBA cites that with each negative return from search query the impact becomes exponentially more costly to the success of that company or person.

BBA is a newer face on the scene of image repair and reputation management, but this company has the experience and know how to curb and even eliminate the largest and greatest impact of bad or negative content.

The consultation is free, the results are guaranteed and the importance of addressing these types of situations is vital. If you or your company, product or service is dealing with such negative information, or if you need to know what your online reputation looks like, contacting BBA is not only smart, it can actually be the difference between success and failure. In the end, it is about you and your business, no reason to not put your best foot forward because in the ultra connected world today – everybody is watching.