A Willingness to Not Stop

Daniel Taub is an ambassador who is currently serving the state of Israel. In the past, he has been a British national but moved his family in the 1980s after they traveled there during a vacation. Ever since then he has been supporting Israel with a love and devotion that has been unseen by other diplomats.

He has already increased trade between his country and the United Kingdom buy over double and plans on bringing peace to the Middle East. Unfortunately, there is one country that is proving to be a very difficult one to negotiate with, and that is the Islamic State of Iran.

Ever since Israel became a country Iran has been there attempting to knock it down. Their current attempt will include nuclear weapons, a move that has required much time and money to bring about, and one that the rest of the world seems to have forgotten about.

Daniel Taub has already attempted to go through the major channels throughout the world and has gone to the United Nations for support on dealing with the Iranian nuclear energy issue.

Even though Iran has already made multiple threats to the state of Israel, and it is fairly obvious that they are attempting to create a nuclear Arsenal to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, the rest of the world does not seem to be doing what I can to stop them from reaching their goal. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

In order to make an attempt to do this table is seeking stronger sanctions against Iran, which may lead to them canceling their dreams at becoming a nuclear power. Social sanctions would stop imports from coming into the country, making it extremely difficult for Iran to support itself.

Something similar has been happening in North Korea, who continues to work towards building nuclear weapons even under the threat of being cut off from the rest of the world. Normally this would spell economic death for most of the nation’s on the club, and I ran might stop as a result.

It isn’t certain where the crisis with Iran is going to go, although one thing is certain, and that is that Daniel Taub will not stop working on this until something positive happens as a result. He has proven himself time and time again to be more than capable to make positive changes.