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Equifax is among the top three U.S credit monitoring bureaus. The company experienced a breach early this year whereby hackers accessed private information of 143 million Americans. This hitch means that almost half of the nation’s personal information for loan and credit was out.

Equifax has a link on its website to understand and learn if your information was exposed. Fortunately, there are some steps to protect you when a security breach happens and have you ready for back to school expenses.Register for free credit monitoring and protection. Therefore creditors cannot view your credit information through Equifax.

Moreover, consider placing a credit freeze with other credit bureaus to protect your information. Reviewing your annual credit reports from all three bureaus is another important step and consulting companies like Freedom Debt Relief Reviews to help financially. You should monitor your accounts frequently and report any suspicious account activity immediately that to your creditor or bank.

Also, you are advised to change your passwords monthly and avoid “easy to guess” passwords like birth dates. Also, avoid scammers from using your information by not providing personal information to unexpected calls, and you can switch bills to electronic delivery to avoid email frauds.

Children do not use their credit cards frequently. Thus it can take a long time to realize their social security numbers had been stolen, therefore, always check your children’s credit.Also, be careful at tax time and file tax returns early. If you have been a victim of identity theft, protect yourself such as by getting an identity protection PIN from the IRS among other ways. To learn more about us: click here.

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt Savior Company that was established in 2002 by two brilliant Sanford Business School graduates, Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser. Freedom Debt Relief usually solves debt issues and reduces unsecured debts making it affordable. Freedom Debt Relief also encourages on how to avoid debt also thus living a healthy financial life.

Freedom Plus offers you easy loans for next school year

With the first month of summer having begun, every parent and student has started now to think of the upcoming new school year. It is now time to get things organized for back to school shopping attending parents/teachers orientation and choosing extracurricular activities. Having this in mind, as a parent you will find yourself running to the nearby school supply without many plans.

Freedom Plus under writes loans to both prime and subprime customers. FreedomPlus forms the consumer in the Freedom Financial Network. FreedomPlus has its headquarters in California. FreedomPlus give low-cost loans to borrowers and also accredited investors

Kevin Gallegos who is the vice president of the Phoenix Operations at Freedom Financial Network advice you to obtain your child’s school list from the school first if you haven’t. Often, schools prepare the children lists and forward them to the relevant children emails or mails. You can also contact the school directly to inquire if you have not yet received from any of these ways. Gallegos also advise on acquiring the things ahead of the next year by using the previous year list because the lists don’t differ so much. Therefore certain supplies can be purchased in advance. Here are some tips

Come up with a budget as the Gallegos advises. Avoid shopping early but rather take time to plan the budget for you and your child to hit your goal. After coming up with the school supply list together with your budget, you are ready to head for the store. For classroom supplies, Ana Homayoun advices that you consolidate classroom materials so that a child can have class material in one place. After this, you will have to consider now buying school clothing to give your child a day to day wear. Now since you have the supply, make yourself ready to attend the parent/teacher orientation.

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