The Mutual Benefit Between McDonald’s Restaurant And OSI Group

As a prime world food provider, OSI Industries partners with premier retail and foodservice brands to offer concepts to table solutions to delight consumers globally. The food company has its headquarters in Illinois, Aurora to be precise, and it operates in nearly 65 facilities based in 17 countries.

OSI Group McDonalds early history dates back in the year 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, founded it as a local meat market in Illinois, Oak Park. By 1917, the butcher shop had expanded and Otto Kolschowsky relocated it to Maywood, Chicago Suburb and named it Otto & Sons.

The 1st McDonald’s restaurant was founded in 1955 by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines and Otto & Sons became its ground beef supplier. Within a few decades, Otto & Sons made its name as a food provider that provides consumers with high-quality meat. McDonald’s restaurant found success leading it to expand unimaginably, Otto & Sons company had to keep supplying affordable ground meat to the ever-widening OSI Group McDonalds restaurant.

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Luckily, the company came across a food processing method, cryogenic, that enabled them to preserve food via liquid nitrogen freezing in the 1960s. The method made their supplier task more affordable and easier creating a closer and tighter business relationship between the two, McDonald’s restaurant & Otto & Sons Company. In fact, Otto & Sons Company became the 4th meat supplier for the OSI Group McDonalds restaurant, a 5th supplier was there as well.

In 1975, Otto Kolschowsky family business was renamed as OSI Industries. OSI Group partnered with the Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation to inaugurate GenOSI, which is a food processing Industry for the Philippians. In 2002, the company was established in Beijing and currently, it has expanded to many other countries as well.

OSI Group McDonalds offers consumers with products such as dough, vegetables, pork, pizza, poultry. Fish, bacon, meat patties, and hotdogs. The giant company, OSI Group, has had a mutual benefit with other food chains such as KFC, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway. Today, OSI Group McDonald are one of the recognized food providers in the world; Forbes listed OSI Group among the successful privately-owned companies in 2016 with a fortune of around $6.1b.

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Southridge Capital and its Founder Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital is an independent financial services firm that provides comprehensive financial management and advice for corporate and institutional clients. The firm offers services that help corporations manage debt, issue stock, complete mergers and also obtain commercial real estate space. Founded in 1996, Southridge Capital has gradually built its reputation as one of the most reliable financial services firms in the world. Today, the firm has office in both New York and Fairfield, Connecticut where the firm is headquartered. What has made Southridge Capital among the leading firms in the finance industry is its combination of service, expert professionals and leadership.


There are many services that Southridge Capital provides to its clients. These services are in three categories which include funding, commercial real estate and advisory. When clients are looking to get assistance on how to manage their finances, they will often take advantage of the advisory services the firm offers. Southridge  will provide guidance in managing assets and liabilities, managing debts, filing for bankruptcy and also completing a new merger or acquisition. Another way in which the firm helps clients is by providing funding services. This often includes offering clients the opportunity to acquire debts so that they can raise capital for issuing a stock on the public exchanges. As well as offering financial services to clients, Southridge Capital also provides real estate for clients. The firm offers clients the opportunity to rent office space which has helped them take advantage of a more spacious environment to run their companies. To see more you can checkout


Like all other financial services firms, Southridge Capital has a team of executives who oversee it. The top executive of the firm is Stephen Hicks who is the firm’s chief executive officer. Hicks founded the firm and built it into a top financial services firm over a span of two decades. As the chief executive officer, Hicks is in charge of growing the firm through business development as well as making strategic decisions. Before he became an entrepreneur, Stephen Hicks spent his career working for other financial services firms. His most recent work experience was when he was part of a hedge fund management firm. When the firm closed, he decided to use his experience and expertise to found Southridge Capital. For more info you can visit



Todd Lubar Knows What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In Today’s World

Entrepreneurs in today’s world are a bit of a different breed than entrepreneurs of the past. Their reasons for wanting to go into business for themselves are a bit different, and their desire to help their communities is greater than those in the past. The old guard, generally speaking, looks to be more autonomous while millenials look to work with others to help each other find success. Also, while millenials are working to earn an income, they are less focused on that being the main point of their work.

While all of this may be true, there are some traits that are common in almost all successful entrepreneurs. One of these qualities is persistence, and this speaks to the fact that all great entrepreneurs do not give up when they fail. Another quality is dedication to finding solutions that can help the customers in their industry. Other qualities of good entrepreneurs include being self-assured without being arrogant, being transparent, inquisitive, and persevering even when they are afraid. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. and the Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has worked in a spread of different industries including entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking, but real estate is his true passion. He has been named as a top 25 mortgage originator in the U.S. for quite a few years and has helped many different companies to grow and become very profitable. He completed his studies at Syracuse University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in speech communication and has always valued education.

Todd Lubar came up with the idea for TDL Global Ventures after spending 2 decades in in the credit and finance industries. It was the realization that he wanted to help other people to be as successful in life as they could be that drove him to finally startup the company. Todd Lubar, himself, practices working as hard as he can to build a successful life, and has said that becoming successful is all about the small moments of working hard so you can get to a the place you have always wanted to be. He has attributed a lot of his success as an entrepreneur to the fact that he is extremely organized and very hands-on in his business.

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Best Brazilian Administrative Attorney, Bruno Fagali

The law field is one of the broadest professions and has got so many specialists who work day and night to ensure that they represent their client. Others are committed to helping their clients mitigate various business risks. Bruno Fagali has not been left behind and happens to be a successful Brazilian lawyer who has vast knowledge in the industry. He is a very famous Sao Paulo based lawyer who has vast experience in the industry.

Bruno has specialized in regulatory law, compliance, electoral, ethics, urban and also not forgetting the administrative law. He has over ten years of experience in the field and has dedicated his valuable time and resources towards ensuring that he becomes the best lawyer in the state sections. His vast experience is from the many companies he has worked as an intern and later working with one of the biggest law firms in the country. He has a very strong legal background and is believed to have won a majority of his cases. Bruno happens to be an independent law practice at his firm Fagali Advocacy. Before founding the company, he had experienced since the year 2006 and had served in various capacities before charting his niche. He has also been recognized and appointed by Nova as their Corporate Integrity Manager. The experience in the industry has been great and has been able to deal with great global organizations like the World Health Organization and so many others.

Bruno Fagali has a great education background and possesses an undergraduate degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of the famous Sao Paulo. He later pursued a masters degree at the University of Sao Paulo and had since then become a great researcher. He has been able to expand his skills, and his experience has made people rank him as one of the most brilliant lawyers Brazil has ever had. It is also in the public domain that he happens to be a great legal related author and has published so many articles that have helped to regulate the industry. He has been able to mentor many upcoming attorneys in the industry also.

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Nick Vertucci Has Created a Real Estate Empire

There is a self-made millionaire who made his living off of real estate. He spends his life helping other people realize success as well by sharing what he has learned. He has created his own system for dealing with real estate that he has proven time and time again. He has learned over the years the best ways to interact with the markets and can navigate the barriers of entrepreneurship on

Nick Vertucci has a humble background. When he was younger his parents made a modest income, and his family was by no means rich. After his father died his mother was a single mom who worked long hours and got home late; because she was responsible for taking care of her family. At one point in his life, he was living out of his van at the age of eighteen. At that point, there was nowhere for this man to go but up! He started a computer business and met his wife and had children; proof that things can always be turned around with hard work!

Nick Vertucci is really a self-made man. Everything he has he has worked for. Starting from scratch, Vertucci built his own business only to lose everything. But failure wasn’t an option for this man. He continued on to support his family by diving deep into the real estate game. He attended a seminar where he learned a bit about real estate. He has established two self-made businesses; one in real estate and the other in computers and the first was a success! Truly Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur with so much to offer!

After about a decade or so Nick Vertucci finally built up enough information after meticulous research and hard work in the field. Now through his real estate academy, he shares this information that he has learned from his success gained through experience with the public at He knows how hard it can be to get back on your feet again, and is willing to help the everyday person put one foot forward and become the best that they can be with his real estate academy. The academy teaches everyday people like you and me how to navigate the real estate jungle and to come out on top. After a decade of compiling information on, he is finally ready to share what he has learned with the world and to help other people become the most successful versions of themselves as well!