Susan McGalla

The Sterning Women Role Model, Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla having been raised by a football coach father and two brothers did not have it easy growing up. She learnt to stand up for herself, work hard for what she wanted and sojourning on without fear of men but rather comfort of working with any gender. This character has helped her in the business world dominated by men.

According to the article, statistics show that, firms with diverse gender perform better by fifteen percent compared to those dominated by one gender. Also, Companies with diverse ethnicity are likely to perform better by thirty five percent compared to contrary companies. This is because; such companies are believed to have multiple perspectives making it more likely to be open to new ideas. Susan McGalla is an example of a successful woman who has worked her way up to holding several high level positions in her life. Her success began from the American Eagle Outfitters where she earned the position of a president before moving to Pittsburgh Steelers where she is the vice president of Business Strategy and Creative Development, working among men.

Several women leadership initiatives have been created where women leaders get to meet and empower each other by sharing ideas and initiatives and also, women are able to support each other and stand out; however, this has not been a solution to the domination of men in the leadership position of over three quarters of the companies in the world. Therefore it is important for women to find a way to be part of the executives in the men-dominated fields. One solution to this could be creation of sponsorship executives who would work to create opportunities to women by recommending them to lead important projects and assignments. They would advocate for them filling roles in the company and enabling them acquire higher ranks. This could be the best thing to encourage gender diversity because men will be encouraged to work with the serious women in executive roles.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which has expertise on branding, marketing, management of talent and efficient operations. She studied at Mount Union College where she received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing.

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