How Did Bruce Levenson Grow The Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks have been an NBA franchise for some time, and they have had their share of ups and down. They were under an ownership group known as Atlanta Spirit LLC, and the group fell apart after a disagreement. Bruce Levenson was a part-owner of the team who came out of the settlement with the team under his control, and this article that can be sourced from Wikipedia explains how he helped the Hawks become one of the best teams in the league.

#1: Bruce Was A Hands-On Owner

Bruce ensured his basketball staff was allowed to manage the team properly, and he focused on the business side of the team while hiring a proper president to run the daily operations. Every Hawks season was met with more good players, more fans in the seats and more money coming in through TV revenue.

#2: He Was NBA Royalty

He became part of the most-elite of NBA owners by serving on the board of governors, and he ensured the Hawks were represented in the best manner possible. He wanted to protect small markets, and he wished to help teams such as his remain competitive. He used several techniques, and the most important was leadership.

#3: Hiring The Right People

Bruce hired the right people to manage his team, and he allowed them quite a lot of leeway to do their work. He understood how simple it would be to let the basketball people run the team when they came from a fine franchise, and he hired from the Spurs knowing their franchise is put together in the proper manner. The team succeeded because he allowed it to take shape naturally.

Bruce Levenson offered quite a lot of guidance to the Hawks that ensured his team would become a playoff contender, raise its value and perform beautifully. Check out his personal website: