Slyce to Provide Convenient Shopping Experience for Shoe Carnival’s Clients

Slyce Inc. has been very successful in providing visual product search solutions to businesses and their clients. For retailers, they have In Store solutions. This solution enables the retailer to scan a 3D image, 2D print material and product tags so that they can purchase the product, find an exact match or information about it. For 1D barcodes and coupons, the retailer can connect to the product information directly. The Out of Store solution favors consumers of products. It allows them to purchase an item they have seen in the real world or online.

The success of Slyce is attributed to its high visual search technology. Their Universal Scanner allows for instant and accurate image recognition. This Universal Scanner accommodates 3D images, barcodes, coupons and QR codes. Its technology can be accessed as mobile apps or through a search platform. Slyce is based in Toronto. Its current focus is to enable retailers and their clients make and get satisfactory sales.

Partnership between Slyce and Shoe Carnival

Slyce has recently partnered with Shoe Carnival the largest footwear retailer in U.S. The partnership involves an integration of Slyce technology solutions in to Carnival’s ecommerce platform. This partnership will benefit Carnival’s customers greatly. All a person needs to do is take a photo of the footwear they want and visit the company’s website ( Here, they will be presented with the exact product or its look alike. They can then proceed to make the purchase online or add the product to their wish list.

Both parties are excited about this partnership. Kent Zimmerman, the vice president of Carnival’s ecommerce stated, “We’re very excited to be launching mobile visual searching functionality with Slyce.” He further explained that this move is part of the company’s multi-channel strategy and a way of ensuring that they maintain top innovative strategy. Moreover, this method ensures that Carnival’s clients get a wonderful shopping experience.

Slyce shares the same enthusiasm as Carnival. In an article posted on Marketwired, Mark Elfenbein the CEO of Slyce said, “This deployment by Slyce with Shoe Carnival represents another impressive milestone for our company as it is one of the very first, large-scale, fully automated visual search deployments in the market place.” Elfenbein further went on to explain the features of the technology solution that is used. It only needs one snap with no additional information and it will produce a result quickly. It is easy to use and will therefore create a convenient way of shopping for Carnival’s customers.