Countless Students In The U.S.A. Can Enjoy A Quality Education Thanks To The Philanthropy Of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a dedicated philanthropist who has been a leader and reformer in the educational sector in the United States since she was a young woman. She was born into the Prince family in Holland, Michigan, where her father ran a very successful auto parts store. She picked up a lot of her values from her conservative Christian upbringing and the Dutch community that existed in Holland.


Betsy DeVos, eventually, married Dick DeVos later in her life, and, together, they have been a force for good in the U.S. and the world. The two now call Grand Rapids, Michigan their home and have made a real difference in the city through donations to charitable organizations, the creation of important groups that have improved the city by sponsoring the construction of important buildings, and by donating their own time to charitable causes. The power couple created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which has donated more than $139 million to charitable causes and nonprofit organizations over the years. They were also responsible for the creation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a charter school located in Grand Rapids.


Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College, when she was younger, and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics during her studies there. She also became more interested in changing the educational system in her country during that time and increased her interest in politics. After receiving her degree, she went on to serve as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for just over a half a decade. She also served the state of Michigan by working with her husband to pass important educational legislation that has continued to help families in need.


While many events have come together during her life to influence her way of thinking as it relates to educational matters, one incident stands out in her mind as a turning point. Betsy DeVos had been paying a visit to Potter’s House Christian School, which is a private Christian school in Grand Rapids. She appreciated the safe learning environment that the school and parents had created together but was disappointed when she discovered how hard it was for many of the families to send their kids to the school. The reason for this was simply because they could barely afford to do so, and this encouraged DeVos to take action. She began to donate money to pay the tuition of some of children attending the school and has continued to support educational causes ever since.


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