How Xenia Vorotova got out of poverty.

Xenia Vorotova, her mother and sister immigrated from Russia to America, they were prepared to work and work hard but despite all their efforts and holding jobs, money dried up and they had no choice but to go into a homeless shelter. The next several months were a great time of sorrow and pain for the family. They lived in a tiny room with no kitchen, and shared one bed. They stood in line at the local church every Thursday for meals. In order to escape her depressing reality Xenia often thought about being a fashion designer and would draw sketches on her spare time. They still worked hard and saved every penny they earned.

In the spring of 1999 they’re hard work was finally paying off. The girls were introduced to a sanctuary for families, a legal, non profit organization that helps female immigrants going through tough times. They met the leader, Derchen Leidholdt, a feminist and lawyers who saw the potential in the woman and desired to give them more than just a simple helping hand. She got Xenia Vorotova into the fashion Institute of technology after seeing her sketches, then helped Xenia’s mother get a job as an accountant and even got her little sister a full scholarship to Columbia Unviersity after she graduated with honors! Wow, talk about a lucky break!

Things were finally looking up for us. By the year 2000 the woman were taken from the homeless shelter to the Leham Projects on 110th’s street in East Harlem. East Harlem was a very dangerous location at the time and gang members often lurked the streets so they’d hear gunshots at night. The projects was a dark, brick building that had elevators covered in graffiti and smelled like pee. But the woman didn’t complain about it and saw it as an upgrade since they now had their own rooms, something they rarely experienced.

By late 200’s she found her drive as a Entrepreneur and in 2008, she founded her own makeup company called lime crime, it became one of her biggest successes and it employes 35 people in Los Angeles California.

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