GoBuyside Winning Over Clients And Job Hunters

Investment firms are quickly realizing the innovative structure of GoBuyside. GoBuyside, a New York based company, helps recruit top tier talent for many major players in the investment industry. The company was founded in 2011. It is already the top recruiting marketplace for the investment industry in the United States. Job hunters are also quick to follow GoBuyside for their premium listings.

Founder Arjun Kapur was working in the world of finance when he noticed a potential solvable problem. The hedge fund and investment industry wasn’t attracting enough top caliber employees. Kapur knew there had to be a solution for finding great talent for these premium positions.

He envisioned a unique process that would set his future company apart from others. He wanted to develop an innovative method that used specific nuances to match potential employees with high profile clients.

Kapur already boasted an impressive background before the launch. His Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford’s prestigious Graduate School of Business spoke volumes. He graduated from John Hopkins University for undergrad. He appeared destined for big things in the business world. He eventually would create a groundbreaking recruiting platform. It would evolve into one of the more important recruiting tools for investment firms to date.

GoBuyside was launched in 2011. The company experienced early success.
The New York based company now serves 10,000 firms worldwide. They help source and screen prospective employees in 500 cities around the globe. The client list is impressive. GoBuyside works with equity firms, hedge funds and many Fortune 500 companies. The company has successfully branded itself as a go-to recruiter for the investment industry. They’ve been recently quoted as a source in major investment publications. GoBuyside is considered an expert when it comes to investment industry staffing, salary and trends.

GoBuyside is still busy building the brand even further. The company is heavily involved in all aspects of social media. It isn’t uncommon to see high profile job listings on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages. The company continues to find elaborate ways to connect with top notch talent across the world. Many investment career professionals are already signed up for the network.

The future of GoBuyside looks incredibly bright considering the incredible growth over the short term. The investment industry and job hunters appear to be in agreement.


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