Treating Clinical Depression with TMS Health Solutions, SF

For those struggling with clinical depression, and have endured therapy, group-work and prescriptions, to no avail, there’s still hope. TMS Health Solutions has seven locations in Northern California, equipped with expert clinicians, researchers, and counselors, whom specialize in helping those with Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). According to the San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership, in 2014, hosplitalizationion for major depression “increased significantly among young adults 18 to 24 years old”. Furthermore, many SF residents have “some of the highest disparities in hospitalizations for major depression”. TMS Health Solutions provides compassionate care and thorough psychiatric treatments, making TMS therapy in San Francisco attainable and affordable.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) works as a noninvasive procedure that stimulates brain nerve cells using a magnetic field, which results in decreased symptoms of depression. Writer of Scientific American, Kasra Zarei, claims, that although TMS isn’t new, the “evidence for its safety and effectiveness has gotten stronger” as of 2017. Moreover, when combining it with treatments like psychotherapy, the rate of response increases significantly. That said, TMS Health Solutions offers corresponding psychiatric services, such as prescribing and monitoring medication, and makes referrals to respected, nearby psychotherapists. In order to give the best care and guidance, a doctor first assesses the patient’s family background, medical history, changes in behavior, and so forth. Then during the process, the team regularly reviews each patient’s responsiveness through tools such as the PHQ-9 Screen, which signifies whether or not to adjust treatment.

TMS therapy in El Dorado Hills, CA is made possible by a talented team of researchers and practitioners, including Psychiatric Regional Medical Director, Oana Galicki (MD), the Director of Neurology Services, Joshua Koluva (MD), and Psychiatrist Chief Medical Officer, Richard Bermudes (MD). Finally, making mental health care cost-efficient, TMS Health Solutions, accepts most insurances, including Magellan, Anthem Blue Cross, and United Health Care. Financial coverage plans are available for those without insurance. Those suffering with clinical depression in the San Fransisco area can get considerable help with two locations: a center near UCSF (350 Parnassus Avenue, Suite #201, 94117), and one in Union Square (360 Post Street, Suite #1000, 94108).

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