The Two ‘Faces’ of Betsy Devos

It was during the Obama administrations that transgender students got a reprieve and were allowed to use washrooms identified with their gender. However, in the wake of President Trump election, things changed. Trump administration stood to rescind the federal policy. Hours before the announcement, Betsy Devos and her aide traveled to meet a representative in the education sector. There, she delivered the news to be expected. Her close aide informed the representative that Ms. Devos had tried to sway the decision but got unlucky. However, during the announcement, Ms. Devos showed no sign that there were differences in the administration. Betsy Devos joined in the announcement and confirmed her stand during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. There, she said that the rescinded federal policy was among the policies that showed an example of overreaches in Obama administration.


People who have known Ms. Devos for many years warn against taking her for a meek team player. During her previous roles when she advocated for charter schools and the school voucher program, Betsy Devos exhibited resilience, devotion, and dedication. Publicly, she may appear as gracious, but behind the curtains, she is a relentless, self-driven, and an active political fighter. Over the years, she has used her family’s wealth to push her agenda, reward political allies, pass legislation, and unseat political foes. In Michigan, she is known for instilling fear and taking control of the city politics. Not just because of her vast wealth, but due to her determination when she sets her eyes on a price. It’s a no-brainer, she arrived in Washington with no prior experience in internal politics. Lack of experience put her at a disadvantage while negotiating for the transgender policy. However, critics expect that she will learn the game and have her way. The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, says that there is a tendency of underestimating her reaches. However, the publicly plain spoken Betsy is dangerous behind the curtains.


Over the years, she has championed for school vouchers, a program aimed at diverting money from public schools to charter schools. She says that the program seeks to compel the public schools to put more effort in education delivery programs. The program has had its fair share of resistance with opponents calling it a plan to undermine the federal system. None of the critics deter her determination. She openly supports schools run by for-profit institutions.


Today, much of her life in the public domain regards her role as the secretary for education. However, Betsy Devos and her Husband Dick Devos contribute enormously towards charity. Together, they founded the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation with the aim of donating towards charity. Through the institution, they contribute towards the development of education, medicine, and arts. They have sponsored the construction of several halls that seek to improve talent in children. On the other hand, they actively participate in communal activities in their hometown. To date, the two are estimated to have donated an estimate of $139 million. Learn more:

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