The Official Clay Siegall Blog Experiences Unprecedented Growth

Clay Siegall is a world-renowned CEO and scientist that has recently dipped his toes into the blogging space. This new venture comes from a desire on Siegall’s part to share his personal interests and passions with the world, and it’s an idea that has been met with great success. Topics posted on the blog range from Football news to recent scientific breakthroughs: Two things that aren’t commonly seen together. It’s that fact that has given the blog so much of its identity, however. By appealing to a specific niche, that being individuals that share his interests, Siegall has found an ingenious way to distinguish his own blog from the competition.

Here are just a few examples of some recent articles. One details a press release by Malcolm Butler where he claims that he will be ready to play during the Super Bowl, in spite of minor illness. Another gives comprehensive detailings of Super Bowl LII, including predictions and breakdowns by professional analyst Bill Barnwell. As Super Bowl LII is just around the corner, it isn’t difficult to see what is occupying the mind Clay Siegell. And while football may be the hot topic, the blog has still made space for more science-oriented posts; Just recently, Siegall posted a study from NPR detailing how seagrass can potentially benefit shellfish.

But who is Clay Siegall? The longtime CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall has dedicated the majority of his life to the sciences. In doing so, Siegall has cultivated a legacy of success in both academics and business. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, shortly after graduating from George Washington University. The recipient of high-level degrees from both George Washington University and the University of Maryland, Siegall has created quite a name for himself in academia. Academics are far from Siegall’s only conquest, however. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has the distinction of being one of the few biotechnology corporations with the distinction of being consistently profitable. This makes Seattle Genetics an extremely appealing prospect for investors and potential employees, two facts that have absolutely lent itself to its continued success.

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