Improving Public Safety With Securus Technologies

Modern technology is now a permanent part of people’s lives. The advancement of technology is now helping people manage their lives, connect with loved ones and even connect different appliances In their homes to one another and then to a smartphone for an easy home management. One more aspect of the daily life modern technology improves is making the public safer.


Securus Technologies is a company working with different advancements in technology, and their primary clients are correctional facilities and prisons. The company created a video calling system allowing inmates to talk to their friends and families back at home, improving their daily life and their overall wellbeing.


One of the things people in correctional facilities miss the most is social interaction with the outside world. The video call option Securus Technologies introduced not only allows people to keep in touch but also gives law enforcement the opportunity to follow the conversations and improve public safety from this perspective.


The authorities were able to issue warrants and solve different crimes and prevent potential crimes from happening thanks to the conversations recorded from the software Securus Technologies provided for the prisons and continue to provide more help.


They want to do more for both sides, so the research and development continues. They continue expanding their client base and introducing new possibilities that would allow the inmates to access resources that would also help them to adjust to the life outside. If they can access job searching opportunities, legal help and other necessary things it reduces the percentage of re-offenders who get then arrested again.


The public does not always note the positive impact of modern technology, but law enforcement has noticed the difference it makes to their work and public safety. The company is proud of their achievements, but it doesn’t mean they are ready to stop the progress.



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