Phillip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve head, calls emergency meeting in Austin

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly clear to many of the leading minds in the economics profession that the United States is entering into a period of historically unprecedented uncertainty, volatility and untested economic models.

The long period of extremely low interest rates has led to a record-smashing Dow Industrial Average as well as asset price runups in many other markets. Many other such unprecedented trends are taking place, leading observers to question where this is all heading.

But some are growing increasingly wary of signs that they perceive to be ominous. Phillip K. Diehl, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve and the former director of the U.S. Mint, has repeatedly sounded the alarm on the systemic risks of continuing down the same economic road on which the U.S. currently finds itself. Read more: Working at US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | Manta

Diehl convened the meeting in Austin to start hashing out what exactly the worst risks are and how best to counter them. During the meeting, Diehl revealed for the first time his report entitled “The U.S. Gold Report”.

The report details various threats to the well being of the average American, including what Diehl says is the almost inevitable beginning of hyperinflation.

Diehl believes that, unless radical measure are taken within the next few months, hyperinflation will become inevitable in the United States. Diehl says that this could eventually lead to widespread economic collapse, like that currently unfolding in Venezuela. The U.S. Gold Report details seemingly intractable problems that are now confronting the U.S. economy. These include the refusal of the Baby Boomer generation to step aside into retirement.

Diehl contends that the severely reduced consumption habits of the 70-plus-year-old demographic, combined with the displacement of younger workers from the workforce, will result in a dramatic shift in the tax base towards individuals who are clear net tax liabilities.

This will eventually drain what few reserves Social Security and Medicare have, forcing the government to begin sharply expanding the money supply. Diehl says that hyperinflation then becomes inevitable.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is the largest seller of U.S.-issued gold and silver coinage in the world. Founded in 2008, it has provided a means for millions of Americans to successfully hedge against systemic market risks, giving ordinary citizens a means to follow the same kind of risk-eliminating investment strategies as sophisticated hedge fund managers.

U.S. Money Reserve has sold gold coins to millions of satisfied customers.

Utilizing Securus Technologies for Prison Security

Each day that I wake up and head to the prison, I know that I may not be coming how to my family due to the violence that takes place on my job. As a corrections officer, I have a target on my back every second of the day, and inmates would like nothing more than to make me or my fellow officers suffer for their incarceration. That means I better be on my game every second I am behind those prison walls.


In an effort to try and keep the level of violence to a minimum, we have to put a huge security presence inside the visitor center. This is one of the best ways to be able to slow down the flow of things like weapons or drugs into the hands of the inmates. Despite the visitors knowing that they can not give the inmates anything, things still manage to transfer hands and put us all in danger.


We have to step up our efforts as far as cell inspections to be able to find anything that could have slipped by the visitor center, and even then we don’t get every piece of contraband out of the jail. Securus Technologies was the missing piece of the puzzle we needed to really tighten up security in the jail and make it that much harder for an inmate to get control of something that could put me in harm’s way.


Once I was familiar with all the specifics of using the LBS software, we began to pick up chatter quickly concerning inmates and contraband. Call after call revealed inmates talking about how they get drugs, who is bringing in drugs, and where all that contraband is being hidden inside our facility. In short order, we have been able to really tighten up security and make everyone inside safer as a result.


Why You Need to Have a Taste of Dr. Imran Haque Services

Dr. Imran Haque is a respected medical practitioner who has been in practice for over 15 years. This renowned doctor acquired his training from the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke -Salem Program. The respected internist has gone further to practice his services to the residents of Ramseur, Asheboro and other surrounding regions. Clients from other regions have further sort for his services as they are one of their kind.

Dr. Imran Haque has a license to practice medicine in the region of North Carolina and further enrolled at the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine. With vast knowledge and skills from his field, Dr. Imran Haque provides an array of services to his clients. Apart from the routine physicals he offers as an internist, he offers the services of Venus body Contouring, 360 resurfacing, weight management help, Diabetes treatment options and laser hair removal.

Patients have sort for the services of Dr. Imran Haque in specialized treatment as well as primary care consultation. His expertise in the field of medicine enables him to diagnose most of the ailments, treat most and refer his patients to specialists if need be. At his office, Dr Imran Haque offers the treatments, laboratory and ultrasound service.

Dr. Imran Haque is thus your all time medical practitioner in case you have any ailment or you need a medical checkup. Call him to book an appointment with him during the office days. You can alternatively visit his website to learn more about him. With Dr. Imran Haque, you can be assured that all your health problems will be handled with the required expertise. Visit him and get the real value of your time, money and health attention.

Eva Moskowitz Offering Quality Education through Charter Schools, Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz established Success Academy in 2016 as a gift to the society. It consists of multiple charter schools spread across the state of New York. The headquarters of this organization is in New York City. Success Academy schools have set the standards for other charter schools in the United States. Under Eva Moskowitz leadership, they have become top-performing institutions. Students of Success Academy are known for their excellent performance in English and Mathematics. As kids in other public schools get an average of around 30% in both subjects, Success Academy schools register a mean grade of 64% for English and 94% for Mathematics.


The charter school network accepts all kinds of students, including those with disabilities. Eva has helped parents and teachers understand that each child has the potential to become great; regardless of their inabilities. Success offers sufficient support to special students so that they can compete fairly with other kids. Since the inception of the network, Success has established more than 30 schools in New York. These learning institutions include seven middle schools, a high school and elementary schools. As of 2014, these schools had more than 9,000 students. This number, however, continues to grow each day and is expected to grow even more once Success opens up thirteen more charter schools.


Success Academy has achieved a lot in a short time. Eva Moskowitz has authored a book titled “Mission Possible”, which documents the methods used in the network’s charter schools. These methods are aimed at producing the best academic minds. Eva’s book also talks about how teachers in the schools encourage the students to contribute to the growth and development of the community. Eva believes that positive impact on the future generation gives the society a future that all can enjoy. With success Academy, the future of thousands of kids is guaranteed.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: An Outstanding Female Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the country. She is based in Austin, Texas and can also be identified as an academic as well as a media commentator. Dr. Walden has her cosmetic surgery practice in Austin which is also her hometown where she has been since 2011. She is a certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery and has formal fellowship training in Cosmetic Surgery.

She is an active member of both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. On top of this, she has fellowship with American College of Surgeons. Dr. Walden is also a distinguished media spokesperson for the two societies in which she holds membership. In the earlier mentioned society, she is also a board member, serving on the board of directors of the society. She is also the Vice Commissioner of Communications of the same.

Dr. Walden received her education in her hometown at the University of Texas. She graduated with Honors in Biology before moving to the university’s medical campus. Here, she obtained her Medical Doctorate with the Highest Honors and was also the Salutatorian during the graduation. She went on to pursue a successful career and has been decorated with several awards. The Mavis Kelsey and Janet Glasgow Memorial Award are among these awards; both received in 1998. Click here to know more about her.

Soon after finishing her residency training, Dr. Walden moved to New York where she specialized in aesthetic surgery. In New York, she worked with the best in the discipline and accrued invaluable skills. These skills have seen her develop into the great cosmetic surgeon that she is today. She was able to establish a successful practice in New York before relocating to Austin. It didn’t take long for her to become successful in Austin given her great reputation.

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Nick Vertucci Has Created a Real Estate Empire

There is a self-made millionaire who made his living off of real estate. He spends his life helping other people realize success as well by sharing what he has learned. He has created his own system for dealing with real estate that he has proven time and time again. He has learned over the years the best ways to interact with the markets and can navigate the barriers of entrepreneurship on

Nick Vertucci has a humble background. When he was younger his parents made a modest income, and his family was by no means rich. After his father died his mother was a single mom who worked long hours and got home late; because she was responsible for taking care of her family. At one point in his life, he was living out of his van at the age of eighteen. At that point, there was nowhere for this man to go but up! He started a computer business and met his wife and had children; proof that things can always be turned around with hard work!

Nick Vertucci is really a self-made man. Everything he has he has worked for. Starting from scratch, Vertucci built his own business only to lose everything. But failure wasn’t an option for this man. He continued on to support his family by diving deep into the real estate game. He attended a seminar where he learned a bit about real estate. He has established two self-made businesses; one in real estate and the other in computers and the first was a success! Truly Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur with so much to offer!

After about a decade or so Nick Vertucci finally built up enough information after meticulous research and hard work in the field. Now through his real estate academy, he shares this information that he has learned from his success gained through experience with the public at He knows how hard it can be to get back on your feet again, and is willing to help the everyday person put one foot forward and become the best that they can be with his real estate academy. The academy teaches everyday people like you and me how to navigate the real estate jungle and to come out on top. After a decade of compiling information on, he is finally ready to share what he has learned with the world and to help other people become the most successful versions of themselves as well!

The Traveling Vineyard Describes France’s Wine Routes

Wine lovers are encouraged to take a trip to France. The country is known as the wine producing leader in the world. France has many wine routes. This is where travelers can sample wines and get an up-close look at how their favorite wines are produced. Traveling Vineyard describes some of the more famous wine routes of France below.

According to Traveling Vineyard, the Champagne region of France is one of the best wine regions to explore. Yes, this is the area where the famous Champagne wine was created. Travelers on wine routes in Champagne can even see the site and grave of the man who first created Champagne wine. His name was Dom Perignon and there is a famous and expensive Champagne brand named after him.

Traveling Vineyard writes that the Champagne is ideal to visit for travelers to France because of its close proximity to the capital city of Paris. Many of the Champagne region wineries are easily accessible by driving a short distance from the city. Notable wineries in this region include Champagne Aspasie, which contains an Eco-museum and is housed in an ancient restored French farm.

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Other wineries that are worth checking out in Champagne include the Champagne Fallet Dart and Champagne Tribaut. The Tribaut offers free wine tastings to its guests. You can also take a tour of the extensive cellar and enjoy appetizers at an outdoor terrace that overlooks the massive French vineyard. Fallen Dart is one the closest wineries to Paris, being only 80 kilometers or about 35 miles away from Paris. They produce a large variety of wines including a champagne variety that you can sample.

You do not have to leave your home to be able to sample some of the world’s top wines in the United States. The Traveling Vineyard brings some of the best tasting and affordable wines right into your home. People can sample both domestic and import wines for free. The tastings can be done at home, at parties or at wine tasting events. Traveling Vineyard wine guides conduct each tasting and explain in detail the wine you are tasting and what it pairs well with.

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