Lime Crime Cosmetics: Taking Cosmetics In An Entirely New Direction

Lime Crime Cosmetics is one of the hottest make-up lines today. Founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere in 2008, the brand has become an international sensation almost overnight. The company offers velvetines and Perlees lipstick, liquid eyeliner, magic dust eyeshadow, Zodiac eye glitter, rouge, nail polish, Venus palettes and number of other great products.

The make-up come in extremely bright colors. They’re not for shrinking violets or the faint of heart. It’s for unicorns ready to use their make-up to make a colorful statement.

In addition to the blindingly bright colors the cosmetics in the make-up line also have unique, very evocative names. You can get lipsticks, eyeliner, eyeshadow, nail polish and rouge with names like glamour, poisonberry, chinchilla, Babette and Airborne Unicorn.

When you wear make-up with names like Centrifuchsia, Penny, D’Lilac, Cosmopop, Black Velvet and New Yolk City, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it matches your outfit. Neon colored statement make-up with names like Mint To Be, Riot, Wicked and Great Pink Planet don’t have to match with anything.

Part of the reason why the brightly-colored cosmetics have made such a big splash is because although the colors are unusual, the make-up line Doe Deere created is a socially conscious one.

The rich, highly pigmented formulas used to make the cosmetics in this line that glides on and produces a velvety look and creates stunning luscious matte and metallic finishes when it dries are certified by Peta and Leaping Bunny to be vegan and cruelty-free.

None of the make-up in this unique make-up line contain animal-derived ingredients and they are never tested on animals.

According to GlamBot, one of the things that make Lime Crime different is the remarkably effective online marketing campaign Doe Deere designed. Plus people worldwide primarily purchase the company’s cosmetics via the internet.

According to Beauty Bay, while the company ships the products to almost all the countries in the world, some consumers are fortunate enough to have a store near them where they can buy authentic Lime Crime products. The make-up is available in stores throughout Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Chaz Dean’s Cleansing Conditioner Is All Natural For The Best Results

WEN cleansing conditioners came out more than 10 years ago, but they are still holding strong today, this is especially because of the fact that they are an all natural product, which have become all the rage today. Many reviews can be found online on WEN cleansing conditioners, and a popular one by Emily McClure from came out not that long ago. She reviews the WEN hair care products after testing it on her own hair for a week, which she provides before and after pictures of the results WEN gave her.

If the review by Emily isn’t enough, WEN cleansing conditioners are at the very least a must try for women who want to stick to all natural products or just try the latest trends in hair care. This is because WEN’s special formula is capable of providing great results to all hair types, even if the hair is damaged. On top of this, it can replace old shampoos and conditioners and free up space in the bathroom for other things. Even overnight conditioners and detanglers for unruly hair can be tossed aside as WEN does the job of them all.

Although Chaz Dean ( has made made different products over the years while in the industry, WEN cleansing conditioners are by far the most popular product that he has released. The formula has even been updated since it was originally introduced, to ensure it was still performing adequately. A big part of creating WEN for Chaz Dean was to make a product for women that was both convenient and respectably priced, since most salon’s charge a ton of money for their products and services. That’s not to mention the time consuming nature of going to a salon each week. Why bother with that, when a premium quality product that is all natural can be ordered right to the front door for just around $40 bucks on Amazon and maintain beautiful hair indefinitely.

Check out the product’s Facebook page and Twitter account  for more information.

For Sure, Try WEN’s Products, and WIN

If you need a new reason to try a cleansing conditioner, read on:

  1. Use a cleansing conditioner because you’ll save big.

Use one of these, and you’ll win by saving money. Instead of two bottles, you’ll only need to buy one, which adds more to your budget for other things.

  1. Use a cleansing conditioner because you need your morning back.

If it takes too long to wash your hair, then why bother? You can easily save time by using just one bottle of cleanser on your hair instead of two. This is a no-brainer.

If you need more reasons, think about the available products, and then choose WEN. WEN by Chaz Dean offers a variety of cleansing conditioners, and it also offers a variety of other products, so, if you save big on money, you can buy some awesome anti-frizz gel to go with your cleansing conditioner. the products are Sephora available and can also be bought online via Guthy-Renker.

You’ll love Wen‘s respect for all types of hair, too, and the fact that they make different products that are well-suited for you. You’ll be able to afford to purchase their anti-frizz gel, which is designed to make your hair look good when you leave the house during this rainy fall/winter season.

So, why wait? Try WEN today. It’s best for everyone.

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Do Utility Bills Fall With Smart Lighting?

Utility bills are bound to drop when smart lighting is installed, but the owner of a home or business cannot use smart lights as they use their traditional lights. This article explains how smart lights drop utility costs, function alone and work in every building.


#1: Utility Bills Are Predicated On Power Use


Power use in a home changes the utility bill every month, and there are quite a few buildings where the bill is too high every month. Lights are left on in empty rooms, lights are pulsing throughout the day and they are not efficient enough for the building.


#2: New Lights Are Easier To Manage


New light fixtures are attached to a control panel that provides all the information for each light

Gooee Smart Lighting

. Lights manage themselves as they learn about their environment, and lights are switched on and off easily. There are quite a few buildings where there is no other way to manage the lights as a supervisor cannot walk all day flipping switches.


#3: Costs Drop The First Month


Leaving lights off around the building, using more efficient bulbs and controlling the system with software ensures each light does as it should. The lights sense when someone is near, and work is easier due to the increased light over workspaces alone. The balance of the building is darker, and the company spends less money on power costs.


Using Gooee’s smart lighting ( will cut a power bill quite a lot in large facilities where lights shine on a daily basis.