Innovations Occurring In The Pet Food Industry


The dog food industry is changing and the Daily Herald is filling consumers in with a new article about the changes that are being made. The article made it clear how big of an industry the pet food market actually is. It is currently valued at 23.7 billion dollars. In the last few years, half of that revenue has been created by the premium pet food industry. Since 2009, the premium market has grown 45 percent and it is only speeding up. Manufacturers are now pushing for consumers to feed their dogs food that could be mistaken for human food. The food is organic and grain free and preservative free. The list of different types of food is endless. There are dog foods for losing weight. There are dog foods for aging dogs.

Many small dog food companies have started to enter the market with their own unique spin on a healthy pet food. Sometimes the smaller companies make it and succeed quickly. Other times they are bought up by one the larger companies who can then stick their name on the trendy product. One major concern with premium food is whether it can create the type of profits it needs to with such expensive ingredients.

Beneful is one such company that is catching up with the trends. The article went on to describe several projects that Purina, Beneful’s parent company, is working on in the dog food arena. In particular, Beneful has decided to add safe food coloring to its food. On the website they even state that they know that dogs are color blind but that human buy the food and they believe humans want to see attractive looking food in and around their homes.

Beneful has a wide variety of products available. They sell wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Consumers can expect to find blends that include chicken, tomato, carrot and wild rice or beef, carrots, barley and peas, among many others. The food is all held to the highest quality and freshness standard.



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