Show The World The Difference You Can Make With Video

You might have heard the saying that together we can make a difference. This is the motto of Talk Fusion. This impressive, bild innovative video service platform is encouraging everyone to live up to this motto and by using their platform, everyone can. Talk Fusion has dedicated team or technology wizards, gurus of graphic desigs, wordsmiths and video pros all making the platform the best it can be. These experts understand that using video in today’s society is so important. Using video can help to bring people together. It can also improve lives and help to connect the world. Innovative video technology is the secret to success at Talk Fusion.

The whole idea of sending a video in email came to light when Bob Reina who leads Talk Fusion, wanted to send a video to his friend. He tried to use AOL’s service to do it and found out that he couldn’t. He contacted the nice folks at AOL and they assured Bob that it was not user error. They simply did not have the technology to get the job done. So Bob started to work and created the platform we know today as Talk Fusion. Little did Bob know that that tiny video clip would change the world of video forever.

Bob wasn’t always a video guru. Bob has lots of experience in relationship marketing. Bob is a true leader and he is very committed to his community. Bob spends his time helping many civic and charitable causes as well as managing the operations of Talk Fusion. Bob also spends time making sure that everything he touches is helping to change the world and leave behind foot prints of difference in the world. Bob Reina is a true innovative leader and his continued success is a testament to that.

Talk Fusion is just brilliant. It allows the everyday user to use video chat, video email, create and send a video newsletter and even hold live meetings. The platform is easy to use and allows the user to upload video to a wide selection of templates to create video emails, newsletters and more. When you want to use video for whatever reason, Talk Fusion is the platform to use for so many reasons.


Madison Street Capital Advises Clients on Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition (M&A) according to Bloomberg Business refers to the process of one company financially controlling another company. If the two companies are somewhat the same in size, they may be said to have merged. If a larger company goes for a smaller one, it is said to have acquired or bought out the smaller one.
According to their video on YouTube, Madison Street Capital advises clients on both the buy side and sell side of M&A transactions.

A company should not buy out another unless they have a good business reason for doing so. In many cases these days, the purpose is to gain control over some technology or business asset the other company owns. In many cases it’s cheaper to buy the company than to develop it independently, reinveing the wheel. Large high tech companies such as Microsoft and Google have all used their accumulated profits to buy out small start-up companies with some service that has proven highly popular in the marketplace.

In many cases, the owner of the smaller company has been hoping for that outcome. They are happy to receive many millions of dollars from the corporate giant, and to walk away wealthy and free of the responsibility for running the company.

In other cases, it may not work. There’s the story of Mark Zuckerberg attending a meeting in the early days of Facebook when a large tech giant wanted to buy him out. He told them he obviously didn’t want to sell, so they wouldn’t need to talk for more than five minutes.

The key is in the video where it says managers are seeking to strategically enhance the organization values. Whether one company is buying another out, or they both bring important and useful business assets to the table and therefore decide to merge, the end result must be a business that makes more money.

People must be able to work with each other. The leaders of each company must have similar visions and be willing to work together, or for one to leave. The organization must be better able to grow and meet its goals because of the deal.

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm specializing in advising small and mid-level firms on their financial needs. Their headquarters is in Chicago, but they have offices in Africa and Asia as well. Madison Street Capital help clients who need financing.

They may need help with capital restructuring to attract new investment capital. Or they may need to have their asset valued for purposes of analyzing their financial needs.

Fabletics Emerges with 2016 Spring and Summer Styles


Kate Hudson is presenting a very cool line of work out clothes that many women are going to embrace. Fabletics is a clothing line that has been around a while, but the opening of 100 stores in the last five years is going to make a lot more people take notice of that brand.

This Fabletics brand is one that has grown because there is always something new and exciting for the spring and summer months. This is the busiest time for Fabletics because this is when most people choose to exercise.

Many people may skip the fall and winter months as they hibernate from the cold weather, but people are definitely going to work out more in the summer months. For Kate, working out was a thing she did often in the summer months. She was always in search of something to exercise in, and you she got tired of buying uncomfortable clothing that was not sufficient for the workout routine.The end result of her frustration would be the beginning of Kate’s picks for the Fabletics brand.

For 2016 there are certainly a lot of interesting garments on the scene for this brand. There are some solid colors and pattern yoga pants that are getting a lot of buzz on social media site. Women are also checking out the new activewear line that Kate Hudson has put into motion. There’s also lots of talk about the new spring line of Fabletics on The Clothes Maiden as well. This is another avenue that present some bold choices for this brand of athletic gear.

It is another jam packed year for Hutson as she does her best to push this company into the place that she wants it to go. The collaboration with Just Fab and FL2 has given Hudson the ability to really maximize her potential in the clothing industry.

The Fabletics brand is among the best that the gym wear industry has to offer. This is the type of company that has managed to lure a large crowd because there are so many different selections available.

With all of the new stores Kate is proving that she has a business that will stand the test of time. This brand has grown immensely over time, but that appears to just be the beginning for the Fabletics brand. This is the ideal brand for those that are planning to exercise in style.

Securus Technologies Introduces Innovative Inmate Video Calling Services

Securus Technologies has been serving the needs of prisons and jails for years, by providing landline telephone services for inmates to stay connected to the outside world. The company is also known for being the top civil and criminal justice solution for public safety. Until recently, CEO, Richard Smith has opened up a new avenue and innovative way for families and friends to connect with inmates. Mr. Smith understood the difficulties that people like us go through just to be able to spend a short amount of time with the ones we love. We’re constantly fighting traffic, driving for hours in all types of weather, limitations and restrictions, the long lines, high gas prices, and even costly inmate phone calls for just a few minutes. Therefore, it is evident that he has welcomed video visitation technology with the family in mind. With Securus Technologies, one can schedule an on-site visit or video meeting. Introducing video not only offers more options to visitation, but it is much more personable. Both parties will feel like they have never missed a beat in each other’s lives. Simply download the app from Google Play or the App Store and connect the software to it. Securus customer representatives can help if you have any issues connecting the two.

Yet, it more than meets the demands for the people. It is also understood that most people that occupy prisons, will someday return to society. So, it is important for them to be offered trades and education in order to effectively operate in society once released. What better way than to provide high-tech solutions to keep them abreast of the ever-changing world of technology. Richard (“Rick”) Smith, offers what he calls “Intelligent communications devices” within the prisons to provide education at high school and university levels.

We’ve come to realize that building up a more positive atmosphere of learning and change will make our prisons, guards and inmates safer. This large investment of $600 million made by Securus Technologies is proven to be a responsible and lucrative move, which will help reduce recidivism. Currently, over 84,000 units have been installed and are in service. Securus has definitely redefined the prison life industry. Read the full article here >>

QNET Helps Women to Balance Work and Home Life

All societies expect women to maintain their home and to take care of their children. However, today’s women are not just being defined by traditional roles. Instead, many females have opted to both. They work full or part time jobs and they make time to help their children during the evening hours and on the weekend. This approach to family life is nothing new but it has increasingly become more common. As a matter of fact, most families need two incomes just stay afloat. 

Women known that they have to be careful about how they balance their duties at home and their careers. They want to be good moms, loving wives and dependable employees. Today’s women are independent but they also strongly value their family relationships. 

One way that women have overcome this problem is by starting up their own business enterprises. When a female operates her own business she is able to set her own schedule and to take direct responsibility for her life and its outcome. She will be the manager of her operation and the results that she gets out of her business will be her own. Women like the challenge, freedom and a chance to shine. 

#RYTHM #QNET ❤️❤️❤️

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QNet is an Asian direct selling company that stands behind women and their endeavors. This organization empowers women to become more than just domesticated individuals. They want women to achieve success by selling their health, wellness and beauty products. Their products are designed to appeal to women everywhere. 

Female QNet sellers are some of the best in the organization. They ensure that the products they sell are high quality and useful to their target audience. The company is based out of Hong Kong but its doors are open to women everywhere. Females who are looking for a way to improve their life and want to make a change for the better should contact QNet to help them start this process. Learn more about their employee satisfaction through QNET’s Glassdoor reviews.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Innovations Occurring In The Pet Food Industry


The dog food industry is changing and the Daily Herald is filling consumers in with a new article about the changes that are being made. The article made it clear how big of an industry the pet food market actually is. It is currently valued at 23.7 billion dollars. In the last few years, half of that revenue has been created by the premium pet food industry. Since 2009, the premium market has grown 45 percent and it is only speeding up. Manufacturers are now pushing for consumers to feed their dogs food that could be mistaken for human food. The food is organic and grain free and preservative free. The list of different types of food is endless. There are dog foods for losing weight. There are dog foods for aging dogs.

Many small dog food companies have started to enter the market with their own unique spin on a healthy pet food. Sometimes the smaller companies make it and succeed quickly. Other times they are bought up by one the larger companies who can then stick their name on the trendy product. One major concern with premium food is whether it can create the type of profits it needs to with such expensive ingredients.

Beneful is one such company that is catching up with the trends. The article went on to describe several projects that Purina, Beneful’s parent company, is working on in the dog food arena. In particular, Beneful has decided to add safe food coloring to its food. On the website they even state that they know that dogs are color blind but that human buy the food and they believe humans want to see attractive looking food in and around their homes.

Beneful has a wide variety of products available. They sell wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Consumers can expect to find blends that include chicken, tomato, carrot and wild rice or beef, carrots, barley and peas, among many others. The food is all held to the highest quality and freshness standard.